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All You Need to Know About Ham Radios

Ham Radios

Introduction to ham radio:

Have you ever dreamed as a kid to have a radio station of your own where you can solve mysteries and talk to friends while on an adventure? Well, surely everybody has. It has remained a part of our life goals, and now, you can have it without any problems. The answer to your wish is ham radio.

If you are a millennial, you might have heard about ham radio. If not, then we are here to tell you. Ham radio is a device used for vocal communication ranging from person-person to miles away. It is now mostly used as a hobby by people to connect with their friends locally without any network problems.

Everything you need to know about ham radios:

When living in a decade where everything is multipurpose and advance, you may think that ham radios are pretty simple, and there are no such entertaining features found.

You can be wrong there because this radio is filled with amazing features and specifications that you should know about that may come in hand. Here are almost all the things you should know about a ham radio before trying to operate it.

History and present:

Ham radios were developed in the early 1900s for telecom and government purposes. It became a useful gadget due to vocal communication in codes and data from a long distance, preventing intruders during difficult times.

With increasing time, many devices were developed like mobiles and the internet, leaving ham radio slightly behind. But still, these devices could not outrun ham radios. Nowadays, these radios are used by people to remain in contact not only locally but sometimes regionally or internationally.

Types of ham radios:

With time, ham radios have been developed and upgraded according to the customer’s ease, but all of them are variable in providing facilities. There are three types of ham radios as follows:

Types of ham radio


1. Handheld

Walkie-talkie like

Low frequency (family use)

Not for emergency


Rechargeable with battery or power source

2. Ham station

Big box

Home base setting

Not portable

High frequency

Good for experienced ham operators

3. Mobile ham

Average size

Attached to the car’s dashboards

More signals range than handheld but less than ham station

Removable mount and antenna

Good battery life

You can select ham radios based on their type as each one of them is clearly built for different purposes. Depending on your need, you can pick between a ham station, mobile, or handheld portable ham radios that can fit in your pocket.

How does a ham radio work?

We can be intrigued by the local communication of ham radios, but have we ever thought about doing the work. There are complex physics concepts behind its work, we are not physics masters, but we can simplify its operations.

There are three parts of ham radio:

  • Transmitter
  • Antenna
  • Receiver

Ham radio works on the concept of electromagnetic radiation. These radiations not in the form of frequencies, also called bands. Each radio is highly specific for different band lengths. These frequencies come in the microwave scale ranging from 26-27MHz. You can catch different frequencies from the above range to access communication purposes.

License requirement:

Before using a ham radio, or is important to have basic knowledge regarding its operating technology. Furthermore, it is essential to take a licensing exam to communicate on frequencies allotted by FCC (federal communication commission). There are three types of the license mentioned below.




Basic license


Some Amateur privileges + requirement of the general license

Amateur extra

All of the amateur facilities+ requirement of the above two licensese

Use of ham radio:

When there are sudden environmental traumas like floods and storms and other roadside emergencies, there are complete chances that your area or region run out of mobile networks and the internet.

  • In this case of emergencies, operators and control centers are favorably used ham radios to stay in contact with local citizens.
  • If you are a driver and there is an instant crisis, you can use a ham radio to connect with the nearest fellow driver.
  • To stay connected with friends locally.

Ham radios are also used to connect with astronauts, which can be fun, but mostly is preferred for emergency uses.


In this article, we have told you about all the basic info you should know in brief. We hope that it will help you to decide between buying a ham radio or parts like ham radio antennas for sale for yourself or not. Thanks for reading this article. We hope that it will help you out in many ways possible.

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