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You Need These 4 Things for a Perfect Night Out

Perfect Night Out

What comes to your mind when you think about a perfect night out on the town? Whether your plans are with friends, a first date, or life partner, some of the immediate thoughts are usually consistent. A great night means the perfect outfit, tasty food and ambiance, and good conversation with your company.

These things are great, but let’s consider some of the less popular things that can also make (or break) your evening experience. From choosing a scent from your replica perfume dossier, to the mint in your pocket, you need these four things for a perfect night out too.

1. Signature Scent 

Think back on some of your first dates. Did anything in particular stand out to you as a deal breaker? Sadly, some people have not yet acquired a taste for an appropriate signature scent. Or they lack one altogether. Don’t be the one on the date or in the group that is remembered by their scent. 

Contrary to some beliefs, adding more perfume and having that overpower your own natural scent has the opposite effect than intended. Quite simply – it's a turn off. Whether it is cheap or expensive, no one enjoys the lingering smell when the person wearing it isn’t even in the room. 

If you aren’t confident in your signature scent, don’t wear anything (except for deodorant). It is always better just to be yourself than try to spritz up with something that doesn’t fit who you are.

2. Comfortable Shoes 

It is a tale as old as time. Certain people insist on wearing heels, or dress shoes that may as well be classified as torture devices for the feet and back. It is not necessary to suffer to look good when going out for the evening. In fact, the shoes you choose can make all the difference in your level of enjoyment.

The best choice is always going to be the one where you feel most comfortable. For some, that may mean heels and that is ok – but don’t be the kill joy in the group that whines about the long walk to the car or that you’d rather not continue dancing because your feet hurt.

Wearing comfortable shoes doesn’t make you a slob. There are a lot of classy and comfortable options. One tip to keep in mind, that black or dark colored sandals can often pass as “dress” shoes and are far more comfortable than stilettos.

3. Cash 

The convenience of a cash-less society is beneficial on many levels. If you happen to lose a credit or debit card these days, you are usually protected before a huge crisis occurs. However, if you’re going out for a night on the town, you may want to consider bringing cash. 

It is always recommended that you bring enough money with you to pay for yourself. Things happen, and by having enough money on you, embarrassing and frustrating situations can be avoided. (Like trying to cash out the bill and not having enough on the card).

While it isn’t safe or wise to bring a large wad of cash with you, make sure that you have enough to get yourself home. Some companies might not take a card even if you have one, and Uber is not always available depending on your location and the time of night. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

4. Mints 

Just like your signature scent, you don’t want to negatively be remembered for your breath. If you are going out for a perfect night, you should bring some mints with you. Not only are they great to have for you, but other people in your party may really appreciate that you brought some. 

Try to avoid gum. No matter how classy you are, chewing gum cannot really be done without being noticed. Not only that, but do you really want to smell like Big League Chew? If there are any plans for intimacy or kissing during the evening, mints are a better choice.

Mints can be eaten or are dissolved after a few minutes. Gum lasts (except for the flavor), and then becomes a nuisance to trash or dispose of it without it being gross. Not only that, but gum will also affect the taste of your drinks and food because it leaves a sugary coating on your teeth. Stick with mints and make it a better evening. 


There is no magic formula, scent, or mint that will guarantee the perfect night out. However, consider your own comfort, and the comfort of others, and you are better prepared for any less pleasant moments that may come your way. 

Thinking beyond what you wear and where you dine will go a long way in making your evening memorable.

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