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7 Most Romantic Flowers For Someone You Love

Romantic Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful addition to the decor of any home. There are flowers that look great on a mantle, in a hanging pot and there are even flowers to grow in your home garden. But in addition to being great for decorating, flowers also make incredible gifts. Of course, make sure the flowers you are buying are fresh as no one wants flowers that are on their last legs as a gift.

While these can be given at any time and for any reason, flowers are often given as a romantic gift to show your love for another person. With that in mind, this article is going to go over some of the most romantic flowers to give to someone you love.


One of the most popular flowers to give as a gift to show someone you care for them are tulips. And with online tulip flower delivery, you can ensure these flowers reach their rightful home quickly and safely. These flowers are available all year, and come in a range of different colors.

The flowers look stunning, and their vibrant color and unique look make them a lovely gift that anyone is sure to appreciate. Red tulips are the ones most commonly associated with love and passion, but all can make great gifts to the one you care about most. While commonly given in the spring, this flower makes a stunning gift at all times of the year.



If you think about the most romantic flowers, your mind likely goes to roses. Their beautiful petals and gorgeous shape make them a wonderful flower that smells just as good. They signify love, passion and romance, and are the preferred flower for Valentine's Day amongst many people.

While red roses are the most common variety, there are also many other colors of roses out there. Yellow roses, white roses, pink roses, and many other varieties are readily available. However, be sure to know the meanings behind the different rose colors, as it can help you see what your flower gift is actually saying.

While some may think roses are a little played out and too common, they will continue to be a popular and wonderful choice any time you want to show someone you care.


Carnations are an affordable flower that are just as beautiful as any. While they often get a bad rap by some, we’re not sure why. They look incredibly joyful with their ruffled petals, and are sure to make anyone who receives them very happy and thankful. These flowers symbolize both distinction and fascination, which make them unique in regards to their meaning compared to many other blooms. They come in a range of colors, so no matter your loved ones preference, you can find them a carnation that they will adore.

In particular, a pastel carnation can be a great choice for the more subdued and introverted person. These flowers still signify love and care, but without the boisterous color and shape of something like a rose. They are one of the most perfect choices for new love and a relationship that is just beginning to bloom.


Instead of featuring one large main bloom like many flowers, lilacs have many smaller blooms that help the flower appear more full and vibrant. The flower smells great and can help people relax, in addition to providing some color and subtle beauty in any space.

While different colors and shades of lilacs are available, the light purple (or violet) lilac is the most commonly seen and found. This color specifically represents the early stages of love and relationships, which makes them a lovely gift for a new partner. Or, if you want to recall the feelings of young love with your partner you have been with for years, the light purple lilac can do just that.


Often seen in wedding bouquets, the peony is another romantic flower that symbolizes love. The fluffy blossoms look great and have a classic shape and petals that almost look fake with how full and soft they look. They aren’t always the easiest to find, but are well worth the search to give your loved one such a gorgeous bloom.

The chinese name for “most beautiful” actually translates to peony, so it has deep symbolism related to beauty. As a result, this flower is perfect for telling someone how beautiful they are and how much you love and care for them.


Orchids are perfect for those who want to give a flower that is not only exotic, but extremely delicate. They are wonderfully sleek, and can fit well in almost any room or within any type of decor. These plants are luxurious and come in almost all the colors of the rainbow, and are a lovely flower to give to your special someone.

These flowers can also re-bloom if treated correctly, so they can last much longer than other flowers in certain circumstances. They may not be as popular as other romantic flowers, but their unique charm and how they look certainly make them a wonderful choice to consider.


While they might not be as outwardly romantic as some other flowers, sunflowers still make a great and romantic gift to the people you care about. They are a large, bright and very cheerful bloom that instantly transports people to the summertime.

Also, sunflowers signify loyalty, which is a very important part of love, and this makes this a great flower to give to someone you have loved for a long time, and will always be loyal to. If you want to up the romance factor of this flower, consider a red sunflower, though they may be more difficult to find in some cases.

Any of these romantic flowers are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who receives them. They make a great gift on Valentine’s Day, on an anniversary, or even just to show someone you are thinking about them and appreciate all they do for you.

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