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6 Most Popular Wedding Styles of 2022

Since the recent pandemic, couples have finally been given the chance to host the wedding of their dreams they have waited for so long. Naturally, the lockdowns and social distancing has shifted our collective focus to what really matters – love and happiness. More couples are deciding to host original weddings, where they twist the traditional expectations of this ceremony – and we are loving it. Now there is more of an emphasis on celebrating love, making the wedding a fun, relaxing experience for all, and coming together. Here are just some of the themes couples in Australia are opting for.

Small wedding

The recent pandemic has shifted our perspective and has encouraged couples to focus on what really matters to them. More and more couples in Australia are deciding to host small weddings with just their loved ones or even elope, and rather save their dollar for the honeymoon. Having a small intimate get-together is a clever way of making the day all about the couple and the act of getting married, rather than the guests.

Minimalist Weddings

Many couples decide for a more modern, minimalist wedding theme. This does not mean that they compromise on décor and style, it just means that the décor they choose is usually used to accentuate the venue and simply create a certain atmosphere, rather than have them steal the spotlight from the event. For instance, if there is an incredible view from the setting, they might want to accentuate that, and have the view as the centre, with the minimalist décor only diverting everyone’s gaze towards it.

Vineyard Weddings

Vineyard weddings are a great way of utilizing natural settings, but with the added dose of class. They are extremely versatile, since there is plenty of opportunity to bring different styles to the venue, like modern, rustic or romantic, and still have the focus on the setting and food-and-wine experience. The wedding can be held outdoors, but can also be set inside, depending on the weather and season. But one thing is for sure, it makes for great photography. It also depends on the area you're in. For instance, if you're Los Angeles based, a Los Angeles wedding photographer should be a better choice.

Vintage-themed weddings

Vintage style weddings are all the craze these days. Glamorous, extravagant, and fairly easy to portray, vintage weddings give you the chance to seek inspiration from your favourite era in history. Many Sydney wedding venues give you the opportunity to decorate according to theme, and many already channel the 1920’s vibe with their chandeliers, crystal trims and art deco facades. You can even hire classic vintage cars and have a themed dress-code to help achieve the total look.

Outdoor weddings

Whether it be a garden wedding, a beach wedding or by a lake, outdoor weddings are becoming more popular now more than ever, since COVID has raised awareness on social gatherings and safety. Honestly, there is nothing more enjoyable than feeling warm sand between your toes as you celebrate your love with your closest friends and family and it is perfect for actual day photography. Outdoor weddings are especially practical in summer, when you can have it in the afternoon or evening, and have food made over open fire – think whole fish and seafood, BBQ and such. If you're worried about the weather, there are many fabulous marquees available to ensure you stay dry, and party the night away.

Rustic weddings

Rustic wedding style is by far the most popular type of wedding in Australia. Simply put, they are much more laid-back, casual and fuss-free and people tend to let loose and have much more fun than at traditional weddings. The catering is also more casual, and, similarly to outdoor weddings, they often serve BBQ, spit-roasts and whole fish. The décor is usually made up of seasonal flowers, and simple DIY centrepieces, and the venues range from barns to cellar doors. These weddings are really all about the party and being a fun, cheerful experience.

There is no wrong way to celebrate love. Today’s couples are encouraged to have their own twists on the perfect wedding, according to their preferences. Some go low-key, some choose to host an extravagant celebration of their marriage, and some love to include their quirkiness and make it as original as possible. Whatever it is, make it your own.

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