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Six Messages your Glasses Might Send to People

Eyeglasses are a necessity for some people. That said, these ocular aids are made in different shapes, sizes, and colors. A Calgary optometrist suggests that the specific style one chooses could tell others a significant amount about their personalities. The following brief blog highlights six differing messages individuals eyeglasses might be sending to people:


It might sound a bit stereotypical. However, individuals who wear glasses are often perceived as more intelligent. In fact, the items are often associated with persons employed in highly technical fields like medicine, scientific research, engineering, law, and other respected endeavors. 


Many individuals are reluctant to wear glasses because they fear how they would appear to others with said items. Some might even resist using such sight-enhancing devices when they know doing so would benefit them. Those who wear glasses are often thought of as sincere individuals who are honest enough with themselves to accept the fact they need help and will not resist taking such assistance. 

Greater Social Status

A Calgary optometrist urges eyeglass wearers to understand that many people opine that such individuals represent an elevated social class. Such suggestions make sense. If eyeglass users are perceived as more intelligent and employed in highly technical fields, the hypothesis that said individuals are often part of a more esteemed social class should come as no surprise. 

More Inviting Persona

Studies have shown that those who wear glasses, especially men are considered less threatening than those who do not. Perhaps being considered studious, successful and a member of an elite social circle translates into also being perceived as more inviting.

Personal Style

Considering the multitude of designs eyeglasses can be created in, the specific style often speaks volumes about the wearer's personality. Attributes associated with the items, such as their size and color often correlates to a person's personal attitudes or the image said individuals are attempting to project.


Individuals who don glasses are often considered trustworthy. Individuals who demonstrate confidence in wearing glasses are often thought to be people you can count on to execute the right decisions in other important personal and professional endeavors.

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