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8 Unique Memorial Services to Properly
Honor Your Loved Ones

Memorial Services

Funerals and memorial services tend to be solemn events full of sadness, mourning, and grief. However, just because memorial services deal with serious topics, that doesn't mean that they all have to be boring and bland.

There are many people who are choosing to honor their loved ones by personalizing their memorial services as a way to celebrate the person's life.

Of course, it may be difficult for you during this difficult time to think of some unique and respectful memorial service ideas. Luckily for you, we've got you covered. So keep on reading and we'll take you through the top ideas for unique memorial services that you need to know about!

1. Make a Memory Table

If you want to host a personalized and special memorial service, then you should definitely consider having a memory table. Memory tables are great because they are so versatile.

This is a table that you cover with photographs, family heirlooms, prized possessions, and anything else that had sentimental value for your loved one.

You can even make multiple memory tables that have different themes or are related to a different period in that person's life.

2. Create a Quote Board

If the event is time-sensitive but you want to add a touch of personalization, then you can put up a quote board.

Gather up your family members and try to remember your favorite quotes uttered by the deceased. These can be original quotes or one's that they liked to bring up from time to time.

You'll be amazed by how much you all remember and how those quotes affected you.

3. Pick Meaningful Sympathy Flowers

Yes, we admit that bringing flowers to a memorial service might not be the most unique thing you can do. But most people tend to simply pick flowers that are easy to find and look nice.

Instead, you should really try to put some time and thought into picking flowers for the occasion. Did your loved one have a favorite flower? Did they have a garden or did they take you to a field that had a certain kind of flower?

You can also pick flowers that represent your loved one's state or birth month. There is an endless number of possibilities when it comes to finding meaningful sympathy flowers.

4. Embrace the Communities They Belong To

There's a good chance that your loved one belonged to some kind of organization or club. Or maybe they were an integral part of their church or friend group.

One fantastic way to represent the communities that your loved one was a part of is to incorporate logos, emblems, or colors into their service decorations.

For example, if they were part of the military, then you could hang up related flags and other items. You can even request that friends and family send flowers in the colors that represent the organizations that they were part of.

Someone who belongs to an official group isn't going to be the only person who holds that community close to their heart. Hunting enthusiasts, sports fans, fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters, and military members all hold their organizations in high regard. Consider coordinating matching outfits for people to really boost the feeling of community.

5. Light Candles to Honor the Deceased

Smells have the power to unlock forgotten memories. Most people have certain smells that take them right back to a certain time and place.

If your family can recall a certain smell that associate with your loved one, such as apple pie or lavender, then you should consider having the family light a few candles with that scent. This can help you all really get in the headspace of remembering the person.

6. Offer a Memorial Stone Station

Get a table and place permanent markers and small stones on it. Then, make a sign that tells all of the guests to write down their names and a small note on a stone to honor the loved one.

Your family can choose to keep the rocks in their garden or house or they can scatter the stones somewhere meaningful. You can even place the stones in various locations if there are a lot of family members who all want to take part.

7. Make an Interactive Game or Puzzle

If the loss wasn't a tragic one, and your loved one had a dark sense of humor, you can always try to have a bit of fun at the service. One great way to do this is with a "mad lib" kind of game. You can also try to make your own word search or crossword puzzle.

Funerals and services tend to be on the depressing side. So if you're comfortable with it, adding some games could be a great way to boost everyone's spirits.

8. Use a Unique Urn

If you're considering cremation as an option, then you can always go with a standard urn. Or, you can also go with one that's more personalized and unique.

For example, you can put them in a jar that used to contain their favorite food. Some people who are into rocketry will have their ashes put into a homemade rocket and have the funeral members send it off into the sky.

Think about your loved one and creative ways that you can keep their ashes.

Which of These Unique Memorial Services Will You Do?

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a few ideas when it comes to unique memorial services. The important thing is to choose a service that your loved one would have appreciated and fits their personality.

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