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6 Ways To Deal With A Marriage With Zero Intimacy

Marriage With Zero Intimacy

Having a relationship with a person has many aspects to look after. Relationship does not only mean being someone's boyfriend or girlfriend. The term relationship even applies in your other relations like your marriage. 

The starting period of every marriage is exciting and there is a lot to explore. You have that blood running through your veins which asks for more and more. The adrenaline rush is at its peak as we are yet to discover true intimacy and it is an amazing time to experience. 

As years pass by, it is possible that your sex life gets a little boring and might feel off beat. You feel like there is no intimacy left in your life anymore. There may also be times when you stop paying attention to your sex life as you feel it's not working anymore which might stress you out. 

We all know that having a balance in our sex life is as important as other things. Your intimacy and the intercourse helps you release stress and also gives you the feeling of satisfaction which all human bodies ask for. 

If you feel like you're one of those couples who are facing difficulties getting intimate or feel like your sex life is lost somewhere and you're unable to find it again, don't worry, we're here with 6 ways to deal with a marriage with zero intimacy. Let's look at what you can do to get back your intimacy. 

Talk It Out 

There is no better way to get to know what's wrong other than communication. Often what happens is when you don't communicate, your partner won't know what you're thinking and this could lead to a disrupted sex life. 

It's always best to tell your partner about how you feel about not being intimate more often. You should be very open about what you want. It's possible that even your partner is feeling the same but sometimes there is a lack of communication. So, speak up and try to spice up things back again. 

Try Dating Again 

We all know when we're in the dating phase that is the time when we are the most excited and we wanna try new things. That's the time when we want to explore more. We have the most romantic time. 

Now that you're married, doesn't mean you can't go on dates. Rather this is the time when you can proudly go on dates without anyone saying anything to you. You can rebuild the dating phase where it's all romantic and you can get your intimacy back in such a way. 

Excite Yourself Separately If Nothing Works 

One of the options is that you try to excite yourself individually before you get together. This might sound a little weird but this could really work. Try masturbating separately using sex machines or something else until you feel the need to have intercourse and there will definitely be some heat in the room. The sexual tension will be spiced and you can have a great time. 

Work On Your Emotional Intimacy 

Your emotional intimacy might be a reason your sex life is not much active. Pay attention to your emotional intimacy. If you feel like you're losing it and that you're sharing things with your partner, work on it. Build back your emotional intimacy and then go for the physical intimacy. 

Wake Up Your Fantasies 

Fantasies does not always mean being physical or just about intimacy, it can be anything. Your fantasy can be anything from doing something crazy, funny or something wild at the same time. Just do what your heart desires and it will help you get back the intimate relationship with your partner. 

Spend More Alone Time With Each Other 

Not having enough time for each other may be another reason which leads to an upset sex life. Take out some time for each other even if you have busy and tight schedules. Doing this will bring back the attention which was lacking all this time.

Make sure that when you are spending time together, it's just about you two and there's no other distraction or anything that is not allowing you to concentrate on each other.

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