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How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost?

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Marriage counseling is sought by couples at all phases in their relationships. From excited newlyweds to couples on the verge of divorce, marriage counseling might be just what your relationship needs to get back center.

How much does marriage counseling cost? The costs vary based on the style of counseling you choose.

Check out this overview of how to price marriage counseling services.

How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost?

Marriage counseling costs are considered a mental health need. For this reason, the value of marriage counseling is priceless.

You can't actually compare the cost of marriage counseling to any other expense in your household budget because your marriage is the only lifelong goal you have.

You can switch internet or cell phone providers when the services no longer meet your needs or when you want to cut costs, but you can't simply swap out your spouse during hard times. Consider marriage counseling expenses as you would a trip to the doctor.

During good times, you can ward off potential 'disease' to your relationship by finding new ways to communicate and connect. During hard times, a good marriage counselor can be like the surgeon that removes a malignant tumor from your organs saving the life of your marriage.

You'll spend anywhere from $45 to $200 per hour for marriage counseling services. This can seem expenses when you compare marriage counseling to other optional personal services you get.

Look for alternatives to help you afford the cost of maintaining a healthy marriage.

Saving Money on Marriage Counseling

An unhealthy marriage is sure to put a strain on just about every area of your life. Guard against the temptation to look for discounts or unreliable marriage counseling services.

Counselors who can't see you right away or often usually fall short because they don't have the time to address your relationship needs. Your partner might gawk at the idea of visiting a counselor once a week but think of the cost of not seeing a counselor.

Marital problems can lead to other issues like depression, weight problems, and financial trouble. This is primarily because marital health impacts your ability to reach life goals.

There are few decisions you can make toward career or family success without the support of your spouse. Take a minute to assess your top goals and what you'd be willing to invest financially to make these goals happen.

Since your spouse is your number one supporter, it's worth applying this investment number to the cost of counseling.

What's Included in Marriage Counseling Services?

Marriage counseling should include one-hour services that help you and your spouse improve your relationship. Think of marriage counseling as one of the many tools you can use to restore the health of your relationship.

Some counselors offer services by phone or virtually. But most often you and your partner will visit the physical office of a counselor.

Look for marriage counselors willing to do a phone consult before you commit to seeing the counselor long term. A phone consult helps you get an idea of what to expect from their style of counseling.

The two main styles of marriage counseling are the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Gottman Method

The Gottman Method in marriage counseling combines a research-based approach to therapy. It's based on the Sound Relationship House Theory that proposes stronger friendship in order to make a marriage work.

Couples get to know one another as they find techniques to meet each other's needs.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) focuses on negative behavior patterns and how they're attached to harmful ideas. This form of marriage counseling helps couples detach from harmful behaviors that might be sabotaging their marriage

How Do I Pay for Marriage Counseling?

Though marriage counseling can be as valuable as seeing a doctor, it's not always covered by insurance. In fact, unless you have a mental disorder, it's rare that your insurance company will cover the cost of marriage counseling services.

This leaves two additional options to pay for marriage therapy: pay upfront or using a sliding scale. The pay upfront method is simply paying for your services in full at the time of service.

The sliding scale option varies from counselor to counselor. Some therapists have payment plans or options for low-income couples. You'll need to negotiate your options with the counselor when you set up a consult with the therapist.

Avoid waiting till after your session to discuss finances as it can be added strain to you and your spouse.

What if Nothing Changes After Counseling?

Counseling services aren't transactional. You don't visit a marriage counselor a specific number of times and get specific results in return.

The number of visits it takes to improve your communication varies based on you and your partner's personalities. It might only take a few sessions or it could take years to find common ground.

You won't be able to estimate a specific amount of money you want to spend in order to achieve a certain result. Consider marriage counseling as an ongoing expense until you and your spouse start to notice improvements in your relationship.

Finding Affordable Marriage Counseling Prices

How much does marriage counseling cost? It depends.

Therapists decide their pricing based on who they want to serve. Expect to pay more for counselors who are experts in a specific counseling strategy.

These are the counselors with top reviews and decades of experience getting results. You can often negotiate a sliding scale, but insurance companies won't pay for marriage counseling that isn't the result of a mental health problem.

Stay the course with your marriage counseling services to reap the many long term benefits of a long and healthy marriage. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.

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