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Are You Making These Relationship Mistakes?

The word ‘Date’ is a simple word by itself. But it is not as simple as it sounds like. The meaning of this word is so complicated and huge. There are plenty of people out there who are still looking for their love, and when they find it, they might not know what to do and what not to do.

Of course, there are tips for building a good relationship. On the other hand, some mistakes break the tie. So in this writing, you will find some common relationship mistakes that the people make while they are relationship. So keep reading!

Are you making these relationship mistakes?

1. Not paying attention to your partner:

Experts say attention is the most powerful weapon in the field of relationship. Not paying attention to your partner or ignore your partner’s action is the worst mistake anyone can ever do. No matter you are doing it intentionally or unintentionally, not paying attention can destroy a strong and sounds relationship.

 If you are on a date with your partner, then it is better not to use a mobile phone. If it is the first date, then using a mobile phone is a bad manner. Because by using the phone you’re unintentionally not paying attention to your partner, which is not a good practice. And it should not be our practice.

2. Talking about stupid stuff:

The second common mistake that people make is talking about silly and stupid stuff. Like politics, something that is not our concern. On the other hand, always talking about the same topic is also exhausting. And if you are on a date then taking about stupid stuff is just so wastage of time.

If you asked her for a date, then it is your job to find something funny and interesting to talk about that you think your partner will like. Sometimes taking about something that your partner does not like, can give a bad impression about you to your partner.

3. Making a scene about who pays:

Sometimes guys will insist on paying the bill where the girls also want to pay. All girls are not the same. Some girl does not want you to pay the whole bill, and some girl finds it too disrespectful for them. So it is better not to make it a big deal.

Experts say that it is better to talk to her and stand in a middle line. If you feel like that she wants you to pay, then go for it. But if it does not seem like that then try to split it or if she wants to pay then let her pay.

4. Talking too much about your past:

Another major common mistake that people make is talking too much about their past, their ex, and so on. It is all good to talk about your feelings, sharing with her, asking for suggestions or advice. But what is not right is talking too much about your past.

Sometimes it also happens that people get emotional while they are talking about their ex and so on. Look, if a girl is on a date with you, she is here just to spend some quality time, not your past and impulse. It is better not to talk that much about your past.

5. Too much talkative and self-praising:

If you want to make a good impression of yourself, then it is better to know your dignity and keep your personality at a standard level. Too much talkative and too much self-parsing can easily give her a bad impression about yourself.

Once again all girls are not the same. Sometimes she is not thinking the way you are thinking. You can start talking about a good thing about your career or something interesting. It’s not a bad plan to start a good conversation. But if you find yourself that you’re going beyond, then you can cut it off.

6. Looking for someone perfect:

No one is perfect in this world. People make a big mistake here. They always want to have someone perfect. When you are on a date, it is not advisable to talk about your dream partner and so on. This type of talk gives your partner a bad impression about you.

Sometimes your partner finds these types of actions so disrespectful for her. So it is always better to avoid these kinds of activities.


Making mistakes is quite normal but what is not correct is keep making the same mistake. Think again, are you making these relationship mistakes mentioned above or not? The date is all about getting to know each other better.

We always should maintain such a level where we start relationship and where we are getting attached to someone. Be patient, take your time to understand your partner’s action, and then you will find the real connection that will come to you.

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