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How to Maintain Perfect Relationships with Family While Coronavirus Lockdown

Pandemic home quarantine has been announced in many countries. People are at home and communicate only with close relatives face to face. We will give some tips on how to make communication enjoyable.

How to Be a Good Partner while Quarantine

2020 began for the whole planet very unpredictably. The coronavirus epidemic in China spread very quickly to other countries and became a global pandemic. WHO and many countries have decided to take global action and declare home quarantine. 14-day self-isolation will help stop the spread of the virus, identify infected people, and cope with the disease. Many factories, plants, shops, and production simply closed - only vital enterprises remained to work.

These days, people sit at home, in the company of their family. In theory, this is good - now we have time to stay with children, relatives, and wives. But statistics show the other side of quarantine - during this time, alcohol sales in countries have increased, cases of domestic violence have increased. Moreover, psychologists say that after quarantine there will be a large number of divorces due to aggravated family problems. This article will help you learn how to avoid such a problem, and use quarantine time with a positive effect.

The Power of Communication

Man is a social being who needs communication. Therefore, it is important to talk with partners and take care of mutual understanding. Psychologists recommend a dialogue with relatives and try to find common interests. These can be the most varied options: watching movies together, board, computer or card games, cooking in the kitchen. Even cleaning can turn into an interesting activity if you do it together.

Quarantine is also a great opportunity to spend time with children. You can learn more about their interests, engage in their education. If you have a small child - play educational games with him and communicate more. An ideal place to spend time is a private house. Here you will not be locked in four walls and will be able to go out into the fresh air. Besides, this is an additional opportunity for activity or sports games with a child. Look at quarantine from the other side - this is your chance to make family relationships better by giving precious attention to your family.

How to Avoid Conflicts with Family Members

Of course, a few days spent with family is a pleasure. But if we talk about quarantine weeks, it turns into a real test. The same people every day, enclosed space, and minimal activity is a real challenge for the psyche. Therefore, there are quarrels and scandals. Psychologists recommend adhering to certain rules that will help reduce the risk of such problems.

Do Not Be Afraid to Express Your Emotions

The main thing is to do it right. It is important to complain without blaming the other. This is achieved by "I-utterances" when we talk about our feelings without blaming the other, and express a request to him. For example: “I am angry when you do something". Also, psychologists recommend a moratorium on quarrels and serious decisions. All important actions (this may be a decision and marriage or divorce, etc.) must be taken after the quarantine period.

Your Personal Space

A useful exercise is to draw a plan of the apartment and mark your psychological space with shading - one that is only yours, the one where you spend most of your time, and feel comfortable. Then compare your drawing with the drawings of family members or a partner. Most likely, these spaces intersect. Discuss this, designate the place in the apartment, house, or room that would be just yours. Let it be only a bed or a corner on the windowsill. Remember that everything can have a compromise.

Take a Break from Each Other

It is important to rest from each other, even in conditions of forced isolation. Go to the store or take a walk with the dog in turn. Do what you like and do not limit each other’s freedom. Everyone should have their own time, their own space so that everyone can sometimes go about their business alone. Such an arrangement can reduce anxiety from sudden and forced constant proximity.

Making Contact with the Outside World

Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, you can lead a full social life. Install a convenient messenger with the ability to conference call on your computer, laptop, or phone. It can be Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or others. Call your family, friends, and acquaintances at the scheduled time (arrange this in advance). Technology allows you to see each other at a distance, play various games, or just chat. Thanks to the Internet, you can be a socialized person, despite being isolated at home.

You can also go for a walk with the dog or go to the grocery store. But remember that this walk is associated with risk and danger for you and the health of your loved ones. Therefore, always wear protective equipment, maintain a safe distance from other people, and use an antiseptic immediately after returning home.

The Danger of Using Social Media

Psychologists have also talked about the dangers of social media. This becomes especially important under quarantine. Being isolated, a person can abuse networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. Remember that you should not spend too much time on social media and/or games. Of course, this is a good way to spend time, and there is nothing wrong with that. But only if you devote several hours a day to this, and not all the days. Remember that there are people near you who need communication and care.

The Importance of Routine

The period when you manage the time is very important. Here it becomes clear how disciplined or lazy you are. Therefore, there is a risk that laziness will defeat you - then returning to normal will be very difficult. This is especially important if you live alone. There are several guidelines to help you.

Compose and Follow a Daily Routine

Try to plan your day in detail and follow this plan. Then there will be no feeling that you are powerless and carries you with the flow. When planning a day, clearly define the time when you work, train, do household chores, take care of a child, spend time with a partner. Each member of the family must set aside time when he belongs only to himself and deals only with himself. This will reduce the likelihood of conflicts.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Body

Have you noticed how you feel like anxiety pouring into something productive? In any action, activity: to do something, to learn, to take control in your own hands, to buy food and medicine, to dismantle cabinets, to wash floors, to put things in order. And I also want to seize the alarm or relax, and the easiest way is to drink. Slow down. It is important to realize that the body is now not easy either - there is no way to move enough. Now there are many options for how to train at home with a minimum set of sports equipment (or without it at all). Before you eat something, ask yourself if it will benefit your body? Take care of yourself and help your loved ones.

Keep a Diary

Take a notepad and try to write down your thoughts and feelings every day - everything that comes to mind. This allows you to verbalize tension, express a tangle of conflicting feelings, and simply describe events. It’s great to keep such records as a document of a unique time that we live.


Resist the temptations and use this time to the maximum benefit. Let quarantine not harm you, but make it better and stronger.

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