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What Are the Best Love and Relationship
Questions to Ask a Psychic?

In this uncertain world, many people turn to psychics to answer vital questions about their lives and loved ones.

Debra Katz, a psychic and social worker in Los Angeles, tells HuffPost that most of the questions her clients ask her are about their romantic relationships. "I have met thousands of clients over the past twenty-five years, and I would say nine out of ten people ask me sentimental questions," she explains. "This is undoubtedly the main reason that pushes them to consult a psychic, or in addition to their questions about their career or the meaning they give to their life."

Love and Relationship Questions

Visionaries are the subject of a great deal of scepticism. But this does not prevent others from believing (or at least hoping) that these sessions can provide them with some clues about their relationships with family, friends, or parents. Partner.

Below, psychics reveal the questions their clients keep asking them about their romantic relationships.

1. Will I meet a soul mate?

According to psychology, psychic and psychic in New Orleans, this is undoubtedly the first sentimental question his clients ask him. She comes back on the mat almost every session, whether the person is single and looking for true love or in a relationship but not sure to be with the right partner.

"When you don't have a healthy relationship with someone, you tend to feel alone in the world," she explains. "You see examples of happy couples everywhere, and you wonder if and when that will happen to us. As a professional psychic, people often turn to me for advice on anything related to love affairs."

Sowande Mustakeem, a clairvoyant, psychic, numerologist and professor of African American studies at Washington University in St. Louis, explains that she asks her clients to have a very precise picture of the potential partner they would like to meet.

"I also remind them that we must be clear about what a soul mate is and what it could represent in our life depending on our journey," she adds. "Such awareness can make us understand what we are looking for inside because words are powerful triggers."

2. Is my partner cheating on me?

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy estimates that 25% of men and 15% of women in a relationship have already cheated on their partner for a long time. When you include platonic love or non-sexual acts, these numbers are even higher. No wonder, then, that people turn to seers to help them allay their fears or confirm their suspicions.

"In the world of dating sites and interactions on social networks, which continues to grow, one is easily tempted to deviate from the right path," continues Cari Roy. "People are more and more adept at hiding these relationships, but many are getting caught. I am often called upon to try to find out the truth. When the Ashley Madison dating site was hacked, my activity went downhill. Exploded. "

Debra Katz is also regularly questioned on this subject. Still, she prefers that her clients ask her to describe their relationship in a general way, without directly asking her the famous question: "Is he/she faithful to me?"

"That way, if an extramarital affair does indeed take place, or the use of illicit drugs or other illegal activities. The truth will emerge on its own: my client and I can then be sure that this information comes from a hunch and not just my analysis," she continues.

3. Will my lover / my mistress leave his / her partner for me?

This is a difficult question for Cari Roy. She asks to disregard what she thinks about relationships born of infidelity. Although she has seen many such stories end, she does not factor this into her response. She analyzes each relationship on a case-by-case basis.

"I never pass judgment on this stuff," she says. "It happens that we fall in love at the wrong time, and it is not for me to tell if it is good or bad. But I have been practising divination for over thirty years, and I can tell you that, according to my experience, only 20% of such relationships end well. "

4. How do I get my love back?

Unrequited love is a painful form of rejection. And being "ghosted", a practice that has become all too common in the online dating world is even more frustrating. As people can only guess and are unable to mourn the relationship. The clients of Shirley Lipner, a clairvoyant, based in Los Angeles. Often come to consult her to ask her if suitors who have suddenly disappeared from their lives will reappear.

Love and Relationship Questions

"I have so many single clients who ask me this question because people feel more and more isolated. They need a social connection," she explains. "My advice: forget about apps! In my opinion, dating apps promote a lack of privacy. Step into your life, and you will meet the right person for you."

5. Is my divorce or separation a failure in love?

After years, if not decades, of investing in a relationship, separation can feel like you've wasted time, made a mistake, or "failed" in love. But psychic and psychic Laura Lynne Jackson, author of New York Times bestselling "The Light between Us," insists that's not the case. According to her, it is quite the opposite, and she explains it to her clients.

"A divorce or separation may indicate that the relationship has fully fulfilled the role it was meant to play in your life," she explains. "Ending this story means you've learned the lesson, which is a great victory in your journey."

According to her, pursuing a loveless, stagnant relationship may be a bigger "mistake". "When a relationship no longer allows you to flourish, you risk getting bogged down," she continues. "It is this stagnation that can represent failure."

People who end a love affair but manage to stay cordial with their ex, or even become friends, take a big step forward, she says. Sometimes, however, it's not healthy or even possible for an ex to continue to be a part of your life, especially when you're ending a toxic or violent relationship. And it doesn't matter.

"For those fleeing a violent relationship or marriage, the key is often to attach enough importance to your life energy, to your light, to make a difference," she said.

6. Can I resolve an unresolved issue with a deceased person?

We do not always have the opportunity to patch things up before the death of a loved one or to overcome the resentments and regrets that we have harbored towards him. However, based on her experience as a medium and psychic. Laura Lynne Jackson believes that it is always possible to overcome unresolved relationship issues, even when a person has died.

"If she has caused you any harm or has not been able to understand and take responsibility for her actions, once she crosses over to the other side. She sees things differently and is keen to ask your forgiveness. ", she says.”During a consultation, I often pass messages of love and forgiveness between the person sitting across from a parent and me or a loved one on the other side."

You don't necessarily need to consult a medium to recover from these kinds of problems, she says. She advises her clients to ask the deceased for a sign and then stay tuned.

"Often the dead use default signs, like coins or electrical disturbances - empty messages on your phone or calls with no one on the line, a flickering light, a computer or other electrical device that doesn't work. Not correctly - but also birds, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs or deer." 

"A relationship does not end with the death of a loved one," she adds. "Death is a passage, not a dead end. And love and forgiveness are the most powerful bonds that bind us together."

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