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How to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Marriage

Keep the Spark Alive

Most couples know how much passion comes with the start of a new relationship. The thrill of seeing your new partner, the excitement of learning more about them and exploring places together. The honeymoon phase rarely sees arguments and is all about peace, harmony, lust and the all-important ingredient – love. The longer you stay in the relationship, the more comfortable it becomes. This is not a bad thing at all, but it does mean that things can get a little…predictable. Which isn’t quite as much fun as the honeymoon phase.

So, how do you keep the spark alive and create the relationship that you want?

Show gratitude

When things get comfortable in a relationship, it can be very easy to take your partner for granted. If you’ve found that you’re forgetting to express your appreciation for the little things that your partner does, try to remedy that by verbally expressing your gratitude as often as you can. Thank them for listening to you, taking the trash out, taking care of the car or whatever else it is that they did for you today. The more often you practice gratitude, the more it will change your mindset and help you to see how amazing your partner is all over again.

Surprise your partner

When you get stuck in a rut, things can get very predictable and boring. Lots of couples find that the initial passion of a budding relationship turns to a deeper, more compassionate love over time. While a new relationship might see couples spending every minute possible in bed, couples who have been together for some time are more likely to be found snuggled up watching re-runs of their favorite TV shows. Although this is completely normal and totally natural, it is also natural to want to keep the spark alive. Spice things up by introducing an element of surprise every now and then. Bring home flowers once in a while or tuck a heartfelt note into their wallet before they go to work. You could even book a table at your favorite restaurant without them knowing!

Keep the Spark Alive

Keeping the spark alive can get tough in any long-term relationship

Put your phone down

In the age of technology, nearly everyone is a slave to their gizmos and gadgets. But that piece of technology is creating a barrier between you and your partner. Introduce some “phone-free” time once a day so that you can both be fully present with each other every day. This disconnection from technology will provide plenty of space for you both to connect with each other.

Try new things

Trying out new things is an exciting way to reconnect with your partner. There are plenty of ways that you can reintroduce the spark without even realising it, such as by being playful and learning a new game together. For example, card games such as poker and gin rummy have an overlap of social components as well as friendly competition and a playful and suggestive nature, so these games are perfect to play together if you want to lead your opponent to fulfill your desire.

Miss each other

Remember when you used to count down the seconds until you could see each other again? When you live together and you have the same routine every day, it can drain the excitement out of seeing each other, Make yourself unavailable for a few evenings by heading out with friends or taking the late shift. The harder you are to get a hold of, the more you and your partner will miss each other, making it feel like the initial stages of your relationship all over again!

Keeping the spark alive in a marriage takes a lot of hard work from both sides of the relationship. It’s certainly not an easy overnight fix, but with plenty of love and determination from each party, it is very possible to bring the spark back and recreate the warm fuzzy feelings from the honeymoon phase.

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