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Jonah Engler Discusses the Things to Do & the Things to Avoid for Maintaining Healthy Relationships

It is important to maintain healthy relationships with your family members, especially your partner, to create a feel-good and happy ambiance at home. Healthy relationships help enhance your life. However, such relationships do not automatically happen. You need to be dedicated. Jonah Engler says that you should devote ample time and energy to building and maintaining a healthy relationship. Your relationships are bound to become healthier with more and more positive inputs.

Mental health experts believe that healthy relationships help boost your happiness, improve health, and reduce stress. Studies have revealed that individuals with healthy relationships are happier and experience less stress. 

Identifying Signs of a Healthy & Happy Relationship

Individuals in healthy and happy relationships support and unconditionally love each other. They are together in good times and bad times too. Healthy and happy relationships are based on: 

  • Understanding
  • Trust
  • Shared values around child-raising, finances, and other critical matters
  • Respect
  • Open communication
  • Honesty
  • Equality
  • Emotional support
  • Care
  • Individual and shared interests

Benefits of Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Individuals in a healthy relationship enjoy tremendous satisfaction and are happier with their lives than many others. They usually have fewer chances of having mental, emotional, or physical problems. 

Healthy relationships promote feelings of belonging and self-worth. Healthy relationships give you confidence. You enjoy the support of your partner and feel motivated to experiment with new things. Consider learning more about yourself. 

Things to Do

Focus on Raising Your Standards
If you are looking for a robust, healthy relationship, it is a good idea to raise your standards. Low expectations imply you are not dedicated enough to work hard towards growing with your partner. If you do not strive to achieve higher physical and emotional standards, you cannot have high expectations from your relationship. You need to be actively involved in this relationship. Give your partner everything that you are expecting to get from him. If you are looking for his support, be prepared to be his pillar of support. Be the source of inspiration for him whenever he looks up to you. Focus on keeping expectations realistic. You can build healthy relationships if you accept your partner as he is. Do not try to change him.

Fulfill Your Partner's Core Requirements
Learn to treat your partner’s core requirements as your own. The more you start appreciating and accepting this, the healthier and more successful your relationship will be. Identify and understand your beloved’s core requirements. Try to fulfill them. You need to connect with your spouse not just on an intellectual footing but at a more intense or emotional level. It pays to analyze your relationship at times so that you can consciously work towards building it. Give top priority to your partner. Are you prepared to sacrifice for making your relationship work? Are you feeling happy and fulfilled? Are you happy to fulfill the core needs of your beloved? You should be delighted to fulfill your partner’s desires and aspirations.

Communicate Clearly & Effectively
Effective communication is the secret to healthy relationships. Your partner should feel comfortable enough to speak freely about whatever is going on in his mind. Moreover, once you are aware of his needs, you may work actively toward meeting his needs. Communication is not only about talking. It is also about listening patiently to your better half. Always keep in mind that you should put in your 100 percent to do whatever you can to make your partner happy. It is the least, he could expect from the one he loves. Jonah Engler believes that fulfilling your partner’s core needs is the best way of enjoying heights of passion, love, and trust.

It Is Best To Redefine Intimacy
Intimacy doesn’t have to be limited to being physical. Moreover, it is also not about the grand moments. True intimacy is all about the smaller things in life. It is about insignificant everyday moments. Intimacy is when you prepare your partner’s hot-favorite dishes or watch a romantic film together. The best way of keeping the spark alive in your relationship is by putting in genuine efforts to make the relationship healthy and build strong bonding. 

Things to Avoid

Avoid making some common mistakes that may adversely impact your relationship. You should always make it a point to take responsibility for all your mistakes. It is best to extend your apologies if you have committed a mistake. It will help set things right just like before.

Avoid Criticizing Your Partner
There is a massive difference between criticism and honesty. If you are honest, your partner will always value your genuine feedback. Constructive criticism could be effective. Being honest is a good decision. Stop criticizing your partner about petty things. Do not end up making him feel belittled.

Do Not Control Your Partner
Your partner is looking forward to a pleasant, fruitful, and healthy relationship. Do not try to control every move and every decision your partner makes. Stop pressurizing him as it may be a big mistake and will ruin your relationship forever. Do not force your partner to go everywhere with you or stay with you all the time. It is essential to give him some space if you wish to nurture a healthy relationship. It is important to allow some me-time to enhance your relationship and take it to the next level. Spend quality time with each other for nurturing a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Do Not Compare Unjustly
It is not fair to compare your partner with somebody else. We are living in an era where the happiness and misery of others could impact our state of mind. Thanks to social media, there exists no privacy. Everybody gets to know everything. Often what you see on social media may not be the truth. It is best to stop comparing your life or your partner with somebody else’s. Remember that every relationship is unique. Stop unfair comparisons as that could potentially ruin your healthy relationship.

Do Not Keep Nagging Your Partner to Change His Ways
Remember that nobody is perfect. It is best not to expect unrealistic changes in his habits or lifestyle. Do not try to change him. Instead, demonstrate your love for him by taking immense pride in his inherent qualities. Do not try to change his intrinsic personality. Do not try to make your spouse more social or force him to stop being shy. If you don’t draw the line, you are heading towards a break-up.


Follow the above-discussed things to do and remember to avoid the mistakes so that you can enjoy a healthy and happy relationship forever.

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