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4 Tips To Have A Jitter-Free Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the pinnacle days of your life. You've spent countless hours planning, preparing, and prepping every detail of this important day. As you prepare for your wedding day, set yourself up for a beautiful, memorable event by limiting your stress. These helpful hints will help you have a jitter-free wedding day that you will treasure forever.

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Get a Good Night's Sleep by Limiting Caffeine

Yes, it may be hard to think about sleeping the night before your wedding day, but getting a good night's sleep is critical. Your wedding day is a long, eventful day and just as you would plan to get a good night's sleep before running a marathon, you should plan for a solid, uninterrupted night of sleep before your big day.

One of the smartest strategies to ensure you'll get the rest you need is to limit or even eliminate caffeine from your diet in the days leading up to your wedding. Caffeine impacts your body's ability to rest and sleep due to the amount of time that caffeine, a natural stimulant, stays in your body, which is typically six hours. You may be even more sensitive to caffeine than the average person, making a cup of coffee at two o'clock in the afternoon a potential sleep disaster. Give up the caffeine for the days leading up to your wedding and sleep well instead.

Get Good Advice and Counsel from Trusted Friends and Family

This tip matters not only for your wedding day, but really can be applied to many stressful situations in your life. As you approach your wedding day and feel an increase in anxiety, nervousness, and jitters, rely on people you truly trust and ask them for their support by listening to you and allowing you to talk through what is triggering your jitters.

Avoid the temptation to broadcast any nervousness or jitters on social media because you cannot control who will respond and what they might say. Instead, identify a close circle of long-trusted friends and family to whom you can turn when you need a moment to vent or talk about what is bothering you.

Take a Deep Breath and Fill Spare Time with Something You Enjoy

Combat anxiety and jitters with the simple act of taking several deep, cleansing, belly-filling breaths of air. When our bodies experience anxiety-inducing situations, we tend to breathe shallowly, which increases the heart rate and feeds the anxiety. Using deep breathing exercises and adding a few smiling exercises helps your body to relax naturally.

Sometimes the best way to relax is to do something you enjoy like playing online gaming NZ from Mansion Group. Taking your mind off of the big day with games you enjoy can be a huge stress reliever that helps you fully be present when you walk down the isle.

Get and Stay Hydrated and Fueled

While it may be tempting to skip a meal or two to make sure your wedding outfit fits exactly as planned, having proper nutrition and the right amount of hydration as you head into your wedding day is critical to your overall energy levels and mental and physical health. If your wedding is in a hot climate or during the summer months, staying hydrated will help to keep you from feeling faint or dizzy as well.

Create a stash of healthy snacks a week or so before the wedding and keep a few of these snacks with you as you take care of the final details and events leading up to your wedding. This way you won't be tempted to give in to easy, but unhealthy, fast food options.

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