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Japan’s Dating Culture: How to Get Laid

You might be surprised that you have a higher chance of getting laid if you meet Japanese women online rather than using the traditional dating approach. Japanese people are known for being workaholic and are more focused on their business and career than on relationship. For this reason, dating sites are more convenient for most Japanese than the traditional approach.

As the fertility rate goes down, there is a growing concern that young people prefer to be single and make the most of their personal time than get married and form a family. On the bright side, there are plenty of single Japanese ladies to choose from. Before we discuss how to get laid, let us first uncover the facts about the dating scene in Japan.

How to Score a Date in Japanese Dating Scene?

If you happen to see a Japanese melodramatic movie or an anime love story, what is depicted about romance is mostly true in real life. Japanese women are conservative and mostly seek for long term relationships. However, it doesn’t meet that hookups are discouraged.

Meeting Japanese women can happen in two ways: through mingling or through online dating sites. If you prefer to mingle, you can attend what is known as the “konkatsu” party. This is generally what is called a “mixer” in the dating world, wherein there are a variety of single people in one venue and all are open for interaction.

You can talk to each other while eating meals or enjoy an entertaining performance. The parties may be organized by people you know or from a person with remote connection. The takeaway in attending these types of parties is that the participants are looking for long-term and serious relationships.

If you want to keep it simple and casual, there is this “goukon” meet-up. Basically, it is just a regular interaction outside where you grab a few drinks with friends and their acquaintances. This is more discreet, and your friends can easily arrange it for you.

Meeting up is fine as long as you are introduced through a mutual friend. It always feels safe if you have some assurance.

But if you need to get laid with a Japanese girl, here are some tips:

  • Be straightforward with your intentions
    Confession plays a great role in dating a Japanese girl. She finds validation that her feelings are being reciprocated if you confess to her. However, it will be a slippery path if you choose not to come clean beforehand.

    Japanese women are willing to accept dates that can lead to a serious relationship and eventually marriage. Therefore, confessing your intentions can keep things organized.

  • Do some in-depth research about the person
    Japanese girls like to have an exchange of information about personal life. It may be early to tell all about yourself, but you can share something personal with each other to get to know each other on a deeper level. It may start from common interests and eventually, it can stem on to past experiences or current dreams in life.

    There is also a greater advantage if you try to learn some Japanese phrases for conversational use. Japanese women tend to be impressed by that and take it as a sign of your confidence and commitment.

  • Prioritize high level of hygiene
    Being hygienic is already part of Japanese culture. Hence, it will be a big turn-off if you don’t practice good hygiene on your date. Of course, taking a bath and brushing your teeth are the essential. Nonetheless, you can take your grooming and personal presentation a notch higher to win her heart.
  • Recognize the signs
    Of course, this might be challenging if you were brought up in a liberated environment. There are social cues wherein a Japanese girl is expressing something deeper while being timid in her actions, yet it may be normal for you. An example is kissing in public.

    For the liberated ones, this act is normal, but for Japanese girls, it can mean they are open to the idea of getting laid.

Going this route might be a slow pace for you. If you are looking for suitable partners with an increased chance of success, better invest your resources in online dating.

Online Dating in Japan

Being one of the leading countries in the world in terms of engineering and technology, it is almost impossible to find any young person in Japan not connected online. Online dating is openly accepted in Japanese culture thanks to the ongoing modernization.

Although there is an ongoing crisis in fertility, online dating might help in preventing a total collapse in the balance. Another reason for its rapid rise of popularity is because of the lack of self-esteem among young individuals. Online dating can give them a platform to grow their confidence and hopefully translate it in real life.

Aside from that, Japanese women are conscious of their choices and online dating can help them decide without risking for physical interaction. In case you might be wondering how to get laid in Japan, there are numerous dating sites in Japan that could be of help.


Online platforms have made it easier to meet beautiful Japanese. Although Japan is one of the most modern countries. It is still grounded to traditions and that alone is an assurance that there is a high chance of landing a typical Japanese girl in online dating platforms.

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