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Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

As you’re planning the details of your wedding, you may be thinking about the photos and hiring a photographer. You may also want to consider commemorating this special event with an expert in Seattle wedding videography.

The Cost of Wedding Videography

First, let’s consider the cost of video for your special day. While this budget item can run into several hundred or even over a thousand dollars, you control how much of your budget it takes up. If you want to splurge, you can have the videographer cover the entire day. If you want to save money, you can choose just to have the wedding itself recorded.

It’s important to talk to the videographer and find out their pricing so you know your options. Most professional videographers charge by the hour with a set fee for editing and other tasks. Once you get an idea of pricing, you’ll have to decide if the cost is worth it.

Capturing Important Moments You Miss

You can’t be everywhere at once, and videography allows you to enjoy those moments you miss out on. You can later laugh at the banter between the groom and groomsmen as they get ready. Maybe you want to see your guests enjoying the event while you’re getting photos taken—plan to video parts of the wedding day that you won’t get to enjoy firsthand.

Share the Special Moments with Those Who Missed Out

Maybe your best friends from college couldn’t come to your wedding because of a prior commitment. Perhaps your grandma couldn’t travel. Video allows you to share your special day with those you love that couldn’t be there.

Along with those who missed out are the family that comes along later. Imagine getting to show your wedding to the kids when they are older. You can laugh at the outdated fashion and hairstyles and introduce them to friends and family they may never meet otherwise.

Relive the Special Moments with Your Spouse

Plan to watch the video on your anniversaries. It’s a great way to get nostalgic and remember those feelings you experienced that day as you see yourself walk down the aisle or say your vows.

Married life is often busy and filled with responsibilities. Take a moment to relive those early days of your relationship and remember why you said “I do” as you watch the video of your shared day.

Capture Moments that Photos Miss

Wedding photos are incredibly important to your day. However, some moments are better captured on video. For instance, you get the full effect of the first dance on video. You can see just how long it took your niece to make it down the aisle as the flower girl.

Photos are great at capturing a single moment in time, but video captures the personalities and mannerisms in action. Watch as your friends laugh and have a good time, or capture your new spouse looking at you as the wedding toast is given.

Is There a Time When Videography Isn’t Worth It?

Planning your wedding is filled with personal decisions about what matters to you. If you have a tight budget, wedding videography might not be one of your priorities. Before writing it off completely, consider capturing the most important moments on video instead of recording the entire event.

If you’re extremely camera shy or don’t like to be the center of attention, you may not want to be recorded at your wedding. Even just the idea might make you nervous. However, experienced videographers are good at blending into the crowd and filming without drawing attention to what they’re doing. Chances are, you won’t even remember that they are around on your special day.

Choosing the Right Seattle Wedding Videography Company

The key to making the most of wedding videography is to choose the right videographer. You want someone who is experienced with weddings so they know where to stand for the best views. They should know how to use lighting and sound to make sure nothing is missed. The last thing you want is to barely hear your wedding vows or have a fuzzy view of your first dance.

You’ll want to sit down with the videographer in a meeting and talk about the wedding. They will ask questions, such as what activities you want to be filmed. The videographer will visit the location to determine the best lighting and positioning for the wedding and reception.

Photographing a wedding is different from other events. When hiring a videographer, make sure you find someone with experience in this area. You want to capture this important day and have something to help you relive the emotions and events that made it special. Take your time searching for the best Seattle wedding videography company so you get results that last a lifetime.

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