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10 Ultimate Indoor Date Night Ideas
for an Exciting Evening

Sure all the songs from our youthful years were chanting lyrics of going out and that tonight is the night, but when are the true songs of our generation going to peek out of the recording studios calming singing that you can definitely live it up at home too? I'm here to give you 10 awesome ideas for a date night in, inspired by #datenightin on Instagram, but heartfully thought-out and hyped for any couple. 

Time to get your date on!

Amp Up the Movie Night

Movie nights are arguably one of the best nights; it gives you ample cuddle time, you get to watch some cinematic art before your eyes, and you can totally snack it up. But this is an amped-up movie night, so we've gotta kick it up a notch. Whether you'd like to be playful and have an indoor picnic or set a candle on the table and have a romantic scene set up, pair your meal with your movie. A theme night is what we're going for, for example: Pasta + Wine = Ratatouille! You can even go on YouTube and find an ambiance that makes you feel like you're eating under the night sky in Italy and play it during dinner; be transported together for the night!

A Night of Nostalgia 

An amazing way to get to know your partner even more is through a night like this. You can each pick out a childhood movie or show you loved and take turns watching them; tell each other why you loved it so much when you remember first watching it. And a bonus, if you have some childhood pictures, or better yet, middle school (because that's where the true character was coming out, bring on the embarrassing character development), show each other! And talk about those nostalgic moments; you may see a side of each other that sparks something beautiful. 

Wanna bring it up to the ultimate level? Build. A. Fort. You will not be sorry! And who knows, you may have just built a new couple tradition! 

Whisk it for the Biscuit! 

Baking together can be a really fun experience; as long as you both remember, there's no pressure for things to be perfect, and it's all about fun. Pick something easy to do, such as brownies from the box or a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe, and watch your team skills come to life! Kneads to be more fun? Sorry, I couldn't help that pun, but I do have some ideas to mix it up!

As you're baking together, you can pretend you're co-hosting for an obscure live baking show, talk to your pretend audience and have fun acting with each other!

Dust Off Your Boardgames 

This suggestion doesn't stop at you opening the board game cabinet; we're adding a bit of spice. Pick a game together, and then use your creativity to bring a new, fun life to the game. Need some ideas? I got you covered! 

For a game like Guess Who, instead of asking simple questions like 'Does your person have red hair?' spice it with 'Does your person look like they'd ask for the manager?' Make it subjective! 

Have a classic game like Scrabble? Trade-in the old ways and put down fictional words, but the only way you get the points is by convincing your partner or making them laugh by the definition you give your made-up word. 

Even if you just have a deck of cards, you can go on Google or YouTube and learn how to play some new card games together!

Treat Yourselves to a New Game!

This amusing idea takes a bit of preparation beforehand, but totally worth it! Sometimes we need to shake things up and play something new for game night, and if you're doing a date night, what better way to go than a relationship game? There's lots of Sizzling Games for Couples, and not only are they chill and fun, but also open a door for you and your partner to freely explore deeper life questions before moving your relationship to the next stage. It's all about your relationship together. A romantic and understanding night is bound to happen with a good bonding game.

Pick a New Show Together

You've already made the big leap; now it's time to take another one. That's right, the second utmost commitment, choosing a show together. With jokes aside, for the most part, selecting a show to watch together can be really fun! You can each write down a few prospects on pieces of paper and draw from a hat, or perhaps there is a show you both have been curious about already. Once you've got one picked out, here's the silly part; watch the pilot episode together, and then separately write down your prediction for the show's ending or the season's ending. Be outrageous and hilarious if you want; that makes it all the more fun if you're right! Seal your prediction in an envelope and stick it on the fridge; once you're done watching, you may unseal it, read the predictions, and whoever is the closest wins! Ah, but let's make it interesting; maybe the winner gets to pick where your next date night is! 

Music Night! 

Set up camp in the living room, get comfy, pull up YouTube on your TV, and take turns showing each other songs. This may sound simple, and it is, but it's definitely not boring. Music is so powerful that you can truly express some deeper and more fun sides of you; show your partner your favorite song when you were a kid or the music video you were obsessed with as a teenager. You may even discover some new music from one another; how wholesome. 

Want to make it more interesting? Grab the biggest spoons you have from the kitchen and lipsync some songs for each other or together; make it a living room performance for the ages! 

Get Your Craft On 

Crank out a DIY project together or make some new art for your home, put some music on in the background and let the creative juices flow! This idea also takes a little bit of prepping, but for a budget-friendly option, the Dollar Tree actually has a pretty stellar crafts section; they have delivered! Does one of you not feel in touch with your creative side? Shake those silly worries loose, crafting is all about fun, and there's no wrong way to go; there's a creative bug tucked away in all of us; you just need the right project to let it shine. 

Google Images/Pinterest Question Game

Chill out on your bed or on the couch and ask each other questions like 'If we had an unlimited budget, where would we go on vacation?' or 'If we had a dog, what do you think it would look like?' and then take a moment for you each to find an image on Google or Pinterest and show each other. This simple little game can be so much fun and can even open up some curiosity conversations with each other. 

Wanna step this up? Borrow the fort building tidbit from the Nostalgia Night and treat it like your own secret couple clubhouse; you can even dress up your fort with Christmas lights or just throw in all the blankets and pillows you have for a sure night of comfort and discovery. 

Celebrate Each Other

I saved the best for last; in my opinion, this date night is all about celebrating each other and your beautiful relationship. Perhaps you can let some sweet wine accompany you on this night, along with dancing together in the kitchen or living room to your song or take turns dedicating a song to each other. Play a movie in the background that means a lot to you both while decorating envelopes that will house an enduring and romantic letter to your partner that you'll open a year from that night, or you can make it a time capsule and wait 5 or 10 years! Get sappy with it, be absolute dorks for each other, and remind yourselves why you love each other so gosh darn much! 

Your date night in tool belt is now stocked and ready to go. Have fun, you crazy rascals!

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