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How to Improve the Relationship
Between a Man and a Woman

improve relationship

When asked how to improve the relationship between a man and a woman, the basic point is one thing - do they want it? Our lives show us that there are groups of people in the world who should go in a certain direction, it costs us a lot of money, but they do not want to.

Why also, when the current life actually suits them, and so it is in a partnership. A woman, sometimes a man, is beaten in a marriage and still doesn't want to do anything about it. When the neighbors start solving it, she stands up for her husband. We seem to have turned this off, because even that is a relationship that could be improved. But in this case, improvement means separation and that is the end of the partnership.

Methods of relationship improvement

The easiest way is to behave in such a way that nothing can be changed about the behavior. But this is probably not possible, because everything is evolving, changing and this will of course be reflected in the relationship. We can improve the relationship in several ways; the basic thing is to change the behavior and then the environment.

Behavior change

When spouses or partners find that their relationship loses value, but would still like to find the strength to continue, it is the first step to improvement. Unfortunately, synchronization at this turning point in marriage is often just a dream, the will is one-sided. How to do it to change when the other doesn't want to or doesn't realize it? Dizzying change is very suspicious here, it looks like one has some guilt and tried to undo it. So everything has to be done differently.

The first step is to add up the pros and cons, the things that unite us and divide us. But should we ask a partner? Probably not, so we have to do tactics. We will put together individual regularly recurring situations and behave completely differently. If the other is perceptive, he will certainly recognize the change and must respond to it. An example is the removal of a waste bin. A woman may claim that her leg hurts and the basket needs to be taken out.

It will certainly occur to the reader that such situations will usually be managed by a woman. It is true that in our tradition, the fire of a family fireplace is maintained by a woman. Male "suffering" is therefore a little different. It must be the rarity of mutual love, but also the loss of the ability to communicate when employment is a priority for a woman.

Help from outside

Problems in the relationship between a man and a woman do not have to be solved only by themselves, it only requires great tactics not only of the third person, but it is also necessary to have one of the partners as allies. A third party may interfere in the relationship with the council, if requested. It should certainly not be a form of remorse, remembering the negative aspects of a relationship never pays off, it is better to look for good and if some "mother-in-law" thinks that with a Bandur on son-in-law he will change it for the better, he will pay back on earnings. And if the word "mother-in-law" has such a bad name today, that's one of the reasons.

We certainly did not give a recipe for improving the relationship between a man and a woman. This topic is so challenging that it is studied at universities. We think that if both partners want to improve their cohabitation and do not know how to do it, their journey should definitely lead to a marriage counseling center.

Finally, one piece of advice, if we want to improve something in the relationship, let's start with ourselves in the first place. We can change the other person only a little, but it is much easier for ourselves, we are little aware of it. Don't look for mistakes, but the nice thing that unites us.

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