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Why Senior Dating Is Crucial
for People Over 50

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By Oleg Kobets

When you say “a date” you probably imagine a young couple sitting in a coffee house or in a cinema watching a romantic movie. But what about senior dating and people over 50? Don’t they need to date anymore? Does dating over 50 exist at all?

You may be surprised, but it does exist and in fact it is quite trendy. Moreover, there were multiple senior dating sites created to facilitate this type of relations. Just take a look at the Google Trend of OurTime Dating site popularity:

ourtime trend

Indeed, more and more senior singles go online looking for a date.

Here is what modern over-50 dating sites do:

  • Provide intuitive interface designed for 50+ and 60+ users.
  • Develop a convenient Search and Filter system to save some time.
  • Write exhaustive guides and support.
  • Create a profile match systems based on member’s preferences.

Why Senior Dating is Getting So Popular?

Thanks to the modern progress much more people have an access to the Internet. Nowadays, anyone can register an account in social media or on a marriage site and start communication. It’s fast, convenient and quite effective.

Now senior singles can find each other easily. Furthermore, it appeared to be fun to date for them. And here is why:

  • Singles over 50 know exactly what they want.
  • At these years they want pretty much the same - serious warm relationships.
  • They are honest and they have nothing to lie about.
  • With all their life experience they can be extremely interesting to talk to.
  • In most of the cases over-50s are financially stable and think more about the soul and less about money.
  • Loneliness at these years is the best motivator to find a soulmate.

Why It’s Important to Date Over 50?

important to date

There are different reasons why the person in his/her golden years is single:

  1. Could be focused on career. Some jobs simply make the family life impossible.
  2. There could be a divorce after the unsuccessful marriage.
  3. There also could’ve been a death in the family.
  4. Also some health issues could’ve ruined some family plans.
  5. And of course many other reasons.

Obviously, each case is subjective and individual. But all of them bring the person to a terrible loneliness. By nature, man is a social being. The desire for communication is particularly acute at this age.

Also, do not forget about ordinary human instincts. People tend to reproduce and pass their genes. At their 60s people think about children, grandchildren and about passing their life experience.

Moreover, in most of the nations it’s the important tradition to create your own family with kids. Remember the “American Dream”? The BBQ and the house full of children?

That is why single people over 50 may feel a kind of inferiority and social isolation. Others may need an emotional experience that they missed in the past.

When singles make their decision to find a soulmate and start dating they return themselves to a social life.

Above all, dating over 50 simply makes people happy. You probably heard the expression “I feel 20 years younger”. That is crucial feeling for over-50s.

Thanks to the modern online dating sites, golden years singles can make their first important step. They get an instant access to other singles and can arrange their further relations with ease.

Good news about the 50+ marriage agencies. Nearly the half of site members find their life partner and continue their relationships offline.

Should You Date If You Have a Family?

should you date

A good question here: “Is this all about singles only?” The answer is - “Absolutely not!” Even if you have a family you still need to go on a date from time to time.

Ask your soulmate out. Visit the places you used to go to when you were young. Also, visit the places you’ve never been to. Remember these feeling when you went to your first dates. Feel yourself 20 and 30 years younger.

Do stupid things. Don’t be “too old for dating”. There is no age restriction for sure.

Oleg Kobets: Experienced Content Manager and Co-Founder of Best Dating Sites platform.
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