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4 Ideas for Surprising Your Husband

Surprising Your Husband

Every time the next holiday is approaching, you start to think about what an unusual gift you can present to your husband. If at the same time, you are independently preparing the event, then there may simply not be time left to choose a present. But you always want to surprise your spouse with something original. To do this, it is better to decide on a gift in advance. Take note of some interesting ideas from this article to help you make good choices.

How to choose the right unusual gift for your husband

There are some important points to pay attention to when choosing an unusual surprise for your spouse:

  • His age. Tastes change over the years, so come up with a few suitable options in advance and only then go shopping.
  • Practical things that will definitely come in handy (a fountain pen, a construction tool, etc.).
  • His hobbies (the associated gift is certainly a challenge - delight).

Emotions and memories as a gift

As an unusual surprise, you don’t necessarily need to buy a thing, but also, for example, arrange an event.

Before planning it, we suggest that you check with your husband's schedule. 

You can arrange:

  • romantic dinner;
  • going to a concert;
  • picnic in nature;
  • rest in a spa;
  • riding quad bikes.

Hobby gifts

Every man has some kind of hobby: collecting something, hunting, fishing, computers, cars, etc. A gift for a hobby will certainly come in handy for him and will certainly delight him. 

Even if you do not share the interests of your spouse, this already means that you know something about him. Then you probably have ideas about what kind of unusual surprise to make him. But if you have doubts about the correctness of your choice, consult with him or with his friends. You don't have to talk about the gift directly. Just ask about his hobbies and he will tell you everything. Every man loves to talk about what really interests him. 

Most popular gifts for men's hobbies:

  • "Geek" - a heated cup, comfortable keyboard, gaming mouse;
  • Fisherman - a case or container for small accessories, anti-glare sunglasses, a folding chair or table, a set of lures, a reel, a spinning rod;
  • An athlete, a lover of a healthy lifestyle - a subscription to a pool or gym, pedometer, heart rate monitor, special underwear for sports, wristbands, sports equipment;
  • Traveller - portable charger, unbreakable camping utensils, compact travel first aid kit, dry rations, flint, sleeping bag, tent, multi-tool, drinking system, roomy backpack.

All in one

If you liked several ideas at once, but you cannot choose between them, just combine all the surprises in one. You can even order special gift hampers

Examples of small gifts and unusual accessories for gift hamper:

  • beer mug;
  • leather wallet;
  • exclusive branded items (Parker pen);
  • purse;
  • car stand for a smartphone;
  • collection wine;
  • ship in a bottle;
  • case for storing things.

Unusual gifts ideas

For those who are attracted by the most non-standard ideas and original solutions, we suggest considering the following list of unusual gifts for your husband:

1. Professional photo session. Two surprises in one: you will not only spend time with your beloved and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but also keep the memory of this happy moment forever.

2. An interesting and unusual idea for a creative couple - a flash mob in honour of a spouse. Imagine your husband when, on his way to work, he sees people standing with congratulatory posters. Or if he has to accept congratulations from passers-by on the subway. Use the services of a professional photographer, and then the images collected in the album will remind you both of this extraordinary event.

3. A sportive and active husband can be presented with a certificate for a whole day of extreme entertainment. In addition, you can independently choose what exactly will be included in the set - a tank safari, shooting at a firing line, flying in a wind tunnel, horseback riding.

4. What about “kidnapping” your workaholic spouse for a couple of days? Spend the whole weekend in a beautiful country house rented in advance with turned off electronic gadgets, enjoying only the surrounding nature and, of course, each other. This time will be enough for heart-to-heart conversations, romantic walks and more tender moments.

5. Please your beloved husband, with a certificate for custom tailoring of a suit, tie, shirt or shoes. It will be a rather unusual surprise that will contribute to the formation of his professional image.


Remember that for your man, your attention and love are most important. Whatever you choose, he will be happy, it is only important that you invest your time, effort, desire and love in a surprise or a gift. Good luck.

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