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8 Ways to Bring Spirituality into
Your Wedding and Marriage

By Jane Hurst

Weddings and marriages are much more diverse today than they were just a few years ago. More people are having alternative weddings. You can get married and still have spirituality in the wedding without religion. Once you have gotten married you can continue to live with spirituality in your life. Here are eight ways to bring spirituality into your wedding and marriage:

  1. Overall organization - There's a lot involved in planning a wedding. Your wedding is your special day to show the world that you are committed to one another. When you partake in a religious ceremony, there are certain traditions and steps already in place. For a spiritual wedding, you get to pick and choose what you want to do on your special day. The sky's the limit and you can do what you want. You can plan to have your wedding wherever feels right to you. As long as you are aware of local laws regarding wedding ceremonies you are good to go.
  2. Choose the right location - “Your wedding location will allow you to bring spirituality into your wedding. Maybe you enjoy nature and you want to have your wedding outside. You can enjoy a moment of silence and solitude during your ceremony to recognize what the earth has provided for you on this day. Enjoy the quiet wind in the leaves or the roll of the surf at the beach,” says an expert at Wedding Dance Lessons Jacksonville. If a spot or location makes you feel happy and close to one another that is where you will want to commit yourselves to one another. Whatever works for both of you is the right place to be.
  3. Lights - You might find certain lighting peaceful and spiritual. Share this with your guests at your wedding. You can string lights through the trees or have candles lit throughout the room. Your guest can hold candles while you recite your vows or you can have little lights decorating the whole area. Light symbolizes hope, life, and goodness, all of which are spiritual. Let the symbol of light guide you through your blessed day. Whatever makes you happy is what you should choose to do.
  4. Flowers - Fresh flowers are a reminder of life and blossoming. Your relationship is blossoming into a new level of growth and flowers can help symbolize the growth you and your spouse and undertaking on this beautiful day. You can hold a bouquet or have some flowers around the area where you will be standing. You can give away wildflowers to your guests. Anything you want to do is okay. This is your special day.
  5. Vows - If you choose to write your own vows for your wedding, remember that those vows are for your partner. Write what you feel and do not worry about whether your guests will like them or not. Your vows will express your spiritual love and friendship for your partner and will be a lasting memory throughout your marriage. Writing vows can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. Write from your heart and the words will be perfect. Tell your partner what this day and your life together means to you.
  6. Grow in love - After you are married you will want to keep spirituality as a part of your life. This is not a hard thing to accomplish. You want to grow in love every day with your spouse and possible children. A family that practices spirituality will live a more loving lifestyle and have more happiness as they grow older. If you have a base in love and friendship you will be able to weather all of life’s difficulties together. This is a part of practicing spirituality.
  7. Discuss your spirituality - Talking and communication are one of the key points to a happy marriage. If you are feeling more or less spiritual, let your spouse know. They may be feeling the same way, and working through your feelings together will make you more committed and happy. Trying to keep spirituality in your life can be as easy as showing a neighbor you care or offering someone help who is down on their luck. Showing kindness to others can bring out the spirituality in you and your family.
  8. Recognize the spiritual around you - At any time you can experience spirituality. It can be when you are on a walk or sitting at your desk meditating. Try to take time to simply appreciate everything life and your partner have given you and how you have grown spiritually since you have been together. Feel the grass between your feet and marvel at what a wonderful life you have built together. Take time to find pleasure in life and you will grow spiritually every day. A marriage with spirituality will show the world how love conquers all and will make you happier and committed to one another for the rest of your life.
Jane Hurst is a writer, editor and avid traveler from San Francisco. Contact her at
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