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Learn How to Say it With Flowers

How to Say it With Flowers

By Alexis Walker

People use language to transfer meanings and messages. Even though the language does have the communicative function, people like communication in other ways as well. They can communicate through the looks, they can communicate with their gestures, or they could communicate with flowers.

Communicating with flowers is particularly interesting because it includes both giving gifts and saying something. If you aren’t sure how to say something using flowers, here is a complete guide that will help you master this skill.

White flowers

When it comes to flowers and their meaning, it seems natural to start from the white flowers. White flowers are usually simple and delicate. They are one of the most elegant flowers and they are associated with purity and innocence. They also symbolize cleanliness and freshness, as well as virginity and perfection.

Since they are the perfect combination of elegance and innocence they are most suitable for weddings. It’s not surprising that brides most often opt for a white bouquet. White roses usually make the perfect bridal flower. Some of the most powerful white flowers include white carnations, white orchids, and white calla lilies. White gardenias have a rather specific meaning. Namely, they symbolize secret love, sweet love, and good luck.

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers have a very positive meaning. They usually symbolize energy, strength, and cheerfulness. Since yellow is the colour closely associated with the sun, yellow flowers also symbolize warmth, joy, growth, and new beginnings. The perfect occasions for gifting yellow flowers are birthdays and congratulations. With yellow flowers, you can show your love and respect for a close friend.

Some of the interesting yellow flowers are yellow daffodils, yellow lilacs, and yellow chrysanthemums. These all make perfect choices if you want to show your affection to a close friend. Not only as a gift for a friend but are chrysanthemums also great for Mother’s Day, due to their nickname – mummed. The start of the spring is the best time for gifting yellow flowers since they really are associated with new beginnings and warmth.

Red flowers

Nothing is more obvious than the fact that red flowers represent a deep romantic love. Red is a colour associated with passion, seduction, romance, and tenderness. This all is true for red flowers as well. Because of all this, red flowers are the best for giving to a lover. They make a great addition to Valentine’s Day gift.

If you want to wow your significant other, you should include red roses in the gift. Red roses are classic and romantic, which makes them a perfect gift to someone you adore. If you don’t like roses as much, you could gift red tulips. They carry the meaning of an “undying love” which makes them even more romantic and intense. Among other red flowers, red carnations and red gerbera daisies stand out. They are on the same level as roses and tulips when it comes to showing desire and passion.

Pink flowers

Next to red, pink flowers are also associated with love and romantic feelings. Pink flowers are actually somewhere between red and white flowers since they represent both innocence and tenderness. With flowers in such a colour, you can easily say that you like someone or that you care for them. While red is associated with true love and passion, pink is more associated with joy and tenderness, which is the key difference between them.

Pink flowers are the best choice for Mother's Day or the birth of a daughter. Since they are delicate and gentle, pink flowers are associated with femininity. Pink carnations or pink chrysanthemums can be suitable for several occasions. They, as well as the inevitable pink roses, can show a whole spectrum of affection or love. Due to their tender and compassionate feel, they can also be sent as sympathy flowers. For such occasions, they are usually combined with white flowers.

Purple flowers

Purple flowers have a spectrum of different meanings. Purple is a colour of mystery, charm, and elegance. Purple is also a colour associated with mourning. Because of that, purple flowers are mostly used for mourning purposes. Not only that, but purple flowers are also associated with dignity and gravity. They can be used in bouquets to add a pop of colour to a bouquet or they could be used to symbolize faithfulness.

Lilacs, one of the most popular purple flowers are a symbol of youth. They also symbolize innocence and they make great additions to the arrangement because they add a touch of sweetness. Another famous purple flower is the orchid. Orchids are exotic and they symbolize fertility and elegance. They symbolize a rather deep affection. Aster is also a famous purple flower. Aster is associated with the Roman goddess of love, Venus. Because of that, it symbolizes love.

Blue flowers

Finally, blue flowers are symbols of divinity. They really have something divine which makes them associated with eternity and innocence. Rich blue flowers have a calming effect and they offer some kind of serenity. Blue flowers are most suitable for the birth of a son or long-term couples. Either way, they represent deep love and trust.

Iris is one of the flowers that first comes to mind when blue flowers are mentioned. Iris is a flower associated with wisdom and trust. Because of their rich and deep colour, blue flowers can also be used to get well flowers. They can even be used for Valentine's Day. For instance, blue roses are great for such an occasion. Blue roses mean mystery and love at first sight, which only makes them more romantic. Due to blue flowers’ many meanings, once you send blue flowers bouquet to your loved one, you are telling that they really are one of a kind.


There is something incredibly charming in communicating without the words. The word is filled with symbols that people can use whenever they like. Flowers really are one of a kind means of communication. They manage to transfer a specific message and the general message of affection always. With this guide, you'll be able to get suitable flowers for the next occasion and where you can order same day dried flower delivery.

About the author:
Alexis Walker is a Sydney-based part-time writer and a full-time mom of two. Her words carry the richness of her travelling and parenting adventures, offer advice and inspiration to those who desire to improve their lives. Outside of the office, she takes pleasure in spending precious time with her youngsters and absorbing the happiness they constantly radiate.



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