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How To Reassure Your Partner That You Love Her

Nobody knows how to make a modern, intimate relationship work. Society has not prepared us for love's unusual challenges in these rapidly changing times. If you have experienced a recent crack with your partner, which might include you hurting them in ways you thought you wouldn't have done if given another chance. Now, you cannot think of ways to reassure them that you are better than being their cheating boyfriend only and that you need a second chance. And that was just a silly mistake. As easy as it sounds, you will just have to communicate what you have been thinking respectably, and it can help you get the relationship back on track.


If, however, you have been a faithful spouse, but your spouse suspects you might have cheated on them, then you have to help your spouse through their insecurities and examine your role in making those worse. You must know where they are coming from when they suspect you and assure them that your intentions are not to hurt them but to build a pleasant future.

Don't Rush the Process

Many steps have to happen after an affair, and it's vitally essential for the cheater to not try and rush the process, pressure your spouse to get over it, and, most importantly, skip any of the steps. Show them all the signs of a faithful boyfriend or girlfriend.

Don't pressure your spouse to mind that you cheated; you dealt a devastating blow to them and your relationship; only time and consistently good behavior from you can heal that.

Rebuild the Trust

Because you weren’t much of a faithful spouse, you'll have to take the slow and steady approach to try to rebuild their trust and convince your partner you have changed. You will also need to dig deep and examine WHY you cheated.


For example, if you cheated on them, only your actions and time will help your spouse learn to trust you again. You must accept your mistake and hold yourself accountable for your efforts with no excuses, not blame others, and wait while they take their time to forgive you.

Healthy Communication

Healthy communication is essential within any relationship, but especially after trust has been broken. You must talk honestly with your partner and that your partner is open and honest with you. If you argue, try to fight fair without bringing up the past. When you communicate with them, make sure that you are clear, honest, and transparent in all communication.

It Will Take Time

Be consistent, be transparent, don't be defensive, and don't hesitate if going overboard to explain any behavior, calls, texts, etc., that might seem suspicious is needed. It will take time; you must understand that it may take months or possibly even a year or more before you can rebuild trustfully

And one more thing, your relationship may never be the same with you being a cheating boyfriend. In the aftermath of an affair, both of you may re-examine life choices, childhood issues, and how your relationship works. While you can definitely save your relationship, and it may well end up better than ever, it will likely be different somehow.

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