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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Wife in 2024?

In 2024, like in years prior, many guys from the US will look for mail-order brides in countries such as Russia and Thailand. However, saying that you can “buy” foreign girls is not the best way to put things. The entire process is completely legal and consensual on both sides; all you need to pay is for dating costs.

Nowadays, most people use mail-order bride sites to find their perfect soul mate. But before you go on a full-out search, we suggest you check out online resources such as Brides Universe, a website-guide which can help you find a wife online. The website explains how to date and marry women from different cultures, pinpointing their habits and quirks.

Can You Buy Mail-Order Brides?

These beautiful wives come from some of the most exotic places in the world. Besides their great looks, many of them are also well-educated, speak English, and are tough-minded. Most importantly, they are less likely to divorce you at the first sign of trouble, which often isn’t the case with Western girls.

Even though these girls are looking for rich husbands, you can’t actually buy them. They can decide on their own whether or not they like you, while the money comes as a bonus. Instead, “buying mail-order bride” refers to all expenses you incur during dating and wedding, such as dating expenses, travel to another country, and visa.

How Much Does the Process Cost?

To find a wife online, you should be prepared to spend several thousands of dollars. The list of expenses can vary from a couple to a couple, but usually includes:

  • Online Dating: Costs between $1,000 and $1,500 for one year
  • Travel: You will spend from $2,000 to $2,500 for travel and accommodation, depending on a country you’re visiting
  • Dating Expenses: Guys are supposed to pay for everything, including clubs, restaurants, and gifts, which usually averages about $500
  • Gifts: This category can vary significantly based on how you wish to treat your future wife
  • Visa: You’ll need to set aside $2,100 for the paperwork
  • Wedding: Ideally, you should have a wedding in her country as it will cost much less, usually from $30,000 to $50,000

When we sum it up, your expenses will be at around $7,000. Paying for wedding is the biggest item on the list, which you can circumvent by simply organizing a small dinner for the closest family. However, this isn’t always the best move as you’ll come off as cheap in the eyes of the girl, potentially forcing her to break the engagement.

Generally speaking, saving money during dating and marriage is something you should avoid. These girls are looking for a brighter future, so they might be dissuaded by the entire proposal if you’re too frugal.

Average Expenses Depending on Country

Dating these girls will slightly differ depending on your preferred ladies. As some countries are cheaper, dating and travel will also be much cheaper. Here’s how much it will cost you (wedding excluded) to date girls from the most popular regions for mail-order brides:

  • The Philippines: $6,200
  • Ukraine: $5,000
  • Dominican Republic: $5,800
  • Vietnam: $5,600
  • Mexico: $5,600

It’s worth noting that the cost shouldn’t be the main factor when deciding which girls you should date. Basic expenses are relatively similar, within $2,000 of difference, which is why it’s much better to pick ladies based on their genetics and culture.

Analyzing Expense Categories 

Although we’ve tried to give you the best possible approximation, the cost differences might vary significantly based on your and your girl’s spending habits, her country of origin, and length of dating. Anyway, here’s what each of these previously mentioned expenses entails:

Online dating

Most guys don’t understand how expensive online dating can be in this particular niche. Unlike your regular dating sites, mail-order bride sites charge users whenever they send a message or make any type of interaction. As you can presume, these costs can quickly ramp up, especially if you’re chatting with several girls at once.

What’s worse, many sites use fake profiles to trick guys. You might get a bunch of automated messages that you might answer without realizing that you’re chatting with a robot.


It’s only natural that you’d spend several weeks, if not months, with your bride-to-be. Due to security reasons, it’s customary that you visit her city. The travel costs include airplane tickets, an expense that you can partially reduce by booking in advance. Similar can be said for accommodation.

Keep in mind that you might have to cover some additional costs along the way, for example, if you travel to nearby cities or use a taxi.

Dating expenses

Dating expenses are one of the smaller considerations. This category includes dinners, museums, as well as various activities. Given that you’re the one with the money, mail-order brides will expect you to cover all daily costs, whether it’s an ice-cream or museum tickets.


Gifts are one of the more variable costs on the list. It is customary for the guy to be the engagement ring early on, but also a few other trinkets. Like all other girls, mail-order brides love smaller and bigger tokens of affection, so gifts are a really good way to get your relationship to a hot start. Then again, you shouldn’t overspend unless you think you have a go with the lady.


Naturally, the mail-order bride will come to your country, not vice versa. Although there are some situations where grooms settle in the wife’s country, as it allows her to stay close to family and friends, you should always take into account that you’ll need to spend several thousand dollars for a visa and other documents.


If you’re limited on funds, you should definitely avoid organizing a wedding in your home country. These events can be extremely expensive in countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. Instead, it’s much wiser to organize a wedding in your bride’s country and fly in your family members. It can be a memorable experience for everyone involved!

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