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How Much is a 5-Carat Diamond Ring?

A 5-carat diamond ring is impressive. Few people get to experience the splendor and opulence of such a magnificent diamond. This type of diamond looks huge on your finger. But this type of diamond requires few guidelines to unleash its capacity or brilliance. Now before getting to know how much 5-carat diamond rings cost let us go through those guidelines.

The best price range for a 5-carat diamond ring

The price of a diamond depends on its 4C's - Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. For a diamond of this carat, clarity is the most important factor to ensure it is perfect. Color also plays a big role in deciding the price of a diamond.


The absence of inclusions is crucial in this case. The dark, smudgy or cloudy spots visible in many diamonds are a complete letdown. It is not so much visible in smaller size diamonds but in larger ones, it appears as a dark spot. Even other inclusions such as clouds and feathers are also a big NO to be seen on your diamond.

The range of clarity grades is from 13 to very slight (VS) to internally flawless (IF). If the diamond's clarity grade isn't Internally Flawless (IF), if you find a diamond where the inclusions are not visible then it is good. The price of such diamonds is too high at $100-300k. But if you buy a diamond of VS2 carat then it will cost you around $60-80k, S12 carat will cost around $25-45k.


For big stones like a 5-carat diamond, ring color is an important feature as it will be easy to tell if it has a lower grading scale. GIA graded the diamonds on a range of D to Z. The clearest, colorless diamonds are designated as D, and those with a pronounced brown/yellow hue are designated as Z. A H grade or above is best for a 5-carat diamond ring. The price range is around $54k to $154 k depending on the grade of the diamond.


The price of a diamond majorly depends on the cut of the particular diamond. There are different types of cut diamonds available. The most common cuts of diamond along with their price range are listed below:

Round Brilliant

The most common type of diamond found is round brilliant. Rare carat provides a comparison of these round brilliant diamonds on the SI grade. Other distinguishing features of this diamond are twining wisps and distracting feathers. VS1 is an eye-catching RBs. The clarity of VS1 is the same as that of flawless grade but it is different in technicality. A flawless diamond has more clarity than VS1 in the technical aspect. The price of RB is evaluated at approximately $88, 260.


The most popular choice among all the diamonds is the emerald. Emerald diamond always takes the spotlight. Emerald refers to a rectangle, so its shape must be a rectangle. It holds a unique elegance and class. It portrays an art-deco vintage. This is an incredible piece of a cut diamond. The most significant feature of emerald is its chiseled and long facets that give a breath-taking effect known as "the hall of mirrors". This creates numerous reflections that cross each other infinite times. The average price range for emeralds can be estimated as $145,360 to $164, 240.


The classiest look amidst all diamonds is presented by the oval ones. These are understated but still many women fancy it. The oval cut is associated with flashes of color. The oval cut provides greater brilliance. The inclusions presented by an oval diamond are not the same as that of an emerald because the facet cut of the oval permits light refraction. The significant feature of the oval is its "bow-tie" illusion. It sounds debonair but is kind of a distraction. The price range of oval varies from $54,338 to $154,5448.


Princess diamond is a timeless, clean as well as sassy plain cut. This type of diamond will have a square shape with extremely sharp corners, giving it this famous cut. This cut includes many potential hiding places for inclusions, but you need to be careful of the table. Princess cut consists of a large table so it is easy to find any kind of inclusion. A diamond's very top point from which you can see right through it. Any blemishes would be very obvious if there were any. Other than that, finding a nice cut isn't too difficult because these are easy-going. The price of this type of diamond ranges from $37k-85k.


It is the only cut that is based on a fruit name. It is a combination of round brilliant cut and marquise cut. It is a gorgeous and remarkable cut to get a diamond ring. It falls in the category of high brilliance. This cut will not only elongate your finger but also creates a gorgeous look. These diamonds are not so expensive. You can get a pear-cut diamond ring at a very affordable price.

Where to find the best 5-carat diamond ring?

When looking for a 5-carat diamond ring of the best quality it is difficult to find a place where to buy it from. Rare Carat is the place where not only you will get 5-carat diamonds of the best quality but also of different cuts like round brilliant, pear, oval, and so on. This company has been featured in New York Times, USA Today, and CNBC. On their website, you will find a lot of information about diamonds and that will make your job easy to find the perfect 5-carat diamond according to your budget. Rare Carat Review is the best place to get to know the best diomand deals.

This company guides you to find a ring of different shapes and sizes of the best quality. It also has a return and resizing policy. Rare Carat company shows you the price of different diamonds based on their cuts and color.


Buying a 5-carat diamond of the best quality is a difficult task. It includes a lot of research. The price of 5-carat diamonds depends upon many factors such as clarity, cut, and color. And to help you to vet the best ring Rare Carat Company is always there with their best range of diamond collections.

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