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How to Make a Relationship Work

Want to make your relationship work better? Here are some tips to help you do so.

1 - Have Empathy and Attentively Listen to Each Other.

For communication to be effective, you have to be willing to understand the other person's point of view. When two or more persons are unwilling to cooperate and listen to each other, every other conversation turns into an argument, and conflict escalates. When couples develop a sense of understanding and practice empathic listening, the relationship is bound to prosper and bear good fruits. Having negative thoughts, bitter thoughts, and holding grudges will only lead to a break-up.

2 - Spend Quality and Quantity Time Together.

If you and your loved one live together, it is easy to come up with a routine. You, however, don't have to apply drastic measures such as going to costly dates or adventures filled with adrenaline just to have your relationship work correctly. Setting a day a week aside for a dinner night and having a series of activities together will make a big difference.

Try out new hobbies such as biking, swimming, attending music classes together, or just eating together.

3 - Save Time for Yourself.

For a relationship to be considered healthy, it has to be balanced. Avoid giving up on your interests and all your energy in the name of love. It is relatively accurate that compromises have to be made for a relationship to work but not to the point of hurting your feelings.

4 - Do Not Expect Your Partner to Motivate You.

Try as much as you can to feel satisfied with yourself. Looking for traits that you lack in your fiancé will only lead to problems in the relationship. Most instances are when we expect too much from our better halves. Your partner should add more joy to your life but shouldn't be the sole reason you are happy in a relationship. Happiness is an inward feeling. A relationship can help bring the best out of you, but it shouldn't be all you depend on to be happy.

5 - It Is the Small Things That Matter.

Couples who have been together for a long time tend to take each other for granted unknowingly. Remember to affirm your love to your partner more often, use appreciative gestures such as thank you, and send them cute messages. Make sure your partner knows how you feel about them and that they are not taken for granted. It will help strengthen the bond between the two of you and have a long-lasting relationship according to the professionals at Clarity in Chicago.

6 - Understand Your Partner's Way of Expressing Love.

People have different ways of expressing their love to their partners. Others prefer physical affections such as hugs and kisses, while others express their feelings through acts of service and other small things.

Michael from ToyMadonna suggests that others prefer surprises such as romantic acts, meals, and event tickets. Understanding how your partner expresses their love to you will avoid having extraordinary expectations, which will only end up hurting your feelings.

7 - Forgive More Often.

While in a relationship, avoid letting resentment towards your partner build up over time. By holding grudges, you will end up being bitter and in a broken relationship with yourself and your partner as well. For any relationship to hold, forgiveness is critical. If an issue arises, get used to talking it out and discussing it with your partner rather than suffering in silence. If you are wrong, politely ask for forgiveness by word of mouth and a behavior change. Ask for the same from your partner if they are on the wrong. A forgiving heart is a loving heart.

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