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How Joint Meditation Affects the
Strengthening of Relationships

As the enchantment phase of a new relationship fades, it can be frustrating to bear with each other sometimes. 

The varying perspectives of your significant other that balanced out your differences may now start to bug you. 

As a couple starts to lose their spark and goes through times that aren't all summer winds and warm kisses, there can be various reasons for this change. 

Maybe it's the hectic work schedule or because every day begins to feel the same, and all of this is slowly drifting you away from your partner emotionally.

Whatever the case may be, we have an activity for you and your significant other that will allow you to spend quality time together and connect on a deeper spiritual level to rekindle that lost spark.

Imagine yourself sitting together, breathing in sync with one another. This is precisely what you'll be doing as a couple meditating together.

A couples meditation's goal is to focus on your partner to nurture and develop a deeper connection while fostering an intimate bond with them.

Consider this the ideal opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other and reignite your romance. And if you are now in search of a partner to work out and love together, you can use dating sites such as Tinder, DoULike, Bumble.

The Effects of Joint Meditation on Relationships:

When couples are stressed, they lose access to the reasoning part of the brain. They focus on sustenance and cannot consider what is best for the relationship.

Meditation practices aid you by relaxing and allowing you to be present in the moment.

Meditation activates the prefrontal cortex, allowing a couple to devote more attention to the brain's cognitive part, enabling partners to work together to bond and shore up their romance.

Partner meditation helps people in a relationship to maintain composure during times of conflict.

Meditation is excellent for couples to unwind and pick each other's subtle cues, which may open doors to a greater understanding of each other and bring harmony to the relationship, all through synchronized breathing.

According to researchers, meditating as a couple can be a very selfless and vulnerable experience that can help strengthen your relationship by bonding to each other's most authentic and raw being.

Experts have also deduced the effects of meditation to include decreased loneliness, social closeness, and increased communication with your partner. 

The Benefits of Joint Meditation:

Sometimes we get so caught up in work-related or social issues that we forget to communicate and ask what our partner is struggling through.

Whether you take joint meditation as spending quality time together or to revive your love, it has way more benefits than many are not aware of

Below are a few ways you and your partner can benefit through couple meditation.

  • Nurtures compassion and connection:

When we practice meditation to benefit our relationship, we consciously focus on our relationship's well-being.

By nurturing a sense of connection among ourselves, we cultivate love, care, and awareness, allowing us to put ourselves in our partner's shoes. 

This helps us fully understand our partners' needs and improve accordingly. 

Meditation also helps us inculcate a relaxed approach, which allows us to be less critical of our thoughts as well as the actions and attitudes of others, assisting partners in lowering the frequency of disputes between them.

  • Decreases stress levels:

Even the strongest of relationships can be strained by stress. People who are stressed may be withdrawn, frustrated, and less compassionate toward their partners.

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress levels, enabling partners to value each other and relish their moments together without stress.

  • Leads to increased intimacy and sex:

This comes as no surprise. Meditation guides the mind to be completely present in the moment, relaxed, and free of distractions.

Being relaxed and focused in the moment may make couples feel more connected, focus on their partner, and build intimacy during sex because the increased intimate connection can lead to better sex.

The Risks of Joint Meditation:

Meditation relieves stress, strengthens our purpose in life, alleviates pain, and improves our sleep.

However, we must also be aware of the potential dangers of meditation that may arise during practice.

Discussed below are some of the dangers that can arise during meditation for relationships:

  • Forcing yourself to stick to the "right technique":

Some books claim their method of meditation is the only "right" way to meditate and reject other methods as ineffective.

One of the most beautiful aspects of meditation is that it can be practiced in various ways and with a wide range of techniques. All you need is to find the one that best suits you.

If you try a technique for some time and it doesn't feel right, switch to a new one rather than forcing yourself to follow a technique that doesn't work for you.

  • It can trigger waves of buried emotions:

The most profound meditation experience you will have will be with yourself.

As a result, you may feel a wave of hidden or suppressed emotions such as regret, anxiety, or envy that may resurface and make you feel uneasy.

This is a healthy and expected part of the meditation practice, and all these emotions shall pass over time.

  • Find what's best for you. Meditation or therapy?

Mediation is a long-term invigorating, and fulfilling journey. However, if your relationship is experiencing serious conflict, meditation may not provide the support you are looking for.

In this case, seeing a couple's therapist would be more appropriate.

How to Meditate With Your Partner:

There are numerous apps, yoga clubs, and fitness centers where you can learn different types of meditation.

Each individual needs to discover what technique works best for them. Some techniques to try out with your spouse are:

  • The meditation hug:

Relax, center yourself on your feet, and melt into a warm hug in your partner's arms. Create the front of your body comfortable and open by relaxing. You can imagine two bodies fusing.

Focus on your breathing and allow your energy to sink into your partner's body. Take your time, and don't rush anything. Loosen up, smile, and have fun.

  • Explore your sensations while making love:

You don't have to be in any particular position or anything. All you need is to make love while concentrating your entire mind on the sensations being produced in your body.

Try taking it to a karma sutra point by not climaxing. Feel what it's like to be "on the verge."

Explore, Investigate and feel the tingling sensations throughout your body during this tandem meditation. 

  • The oneness meditation:

If physical intimacy is not what you're considering now, try working on your emotional intimacy through oneness meditation.

Sit comfortably facing your partner and hold a mala ( a beaded necklace).

Make sure to hold it so that one partner is gripping the other's hand. 

Now start chanting OM and move ahead with each bead every time you chant OM, such that your partner's hands are after you.

Chant OM 108 times, and eventually, by the end of the last bead, you will hold your partner's hand and feel the oneness between each other.


Meditation constructs a fresh and peaceful world for you and your partner to share. 

People who have recently begun dating can meditate together, forming bonds that months of becoming acquainted with each other cannot replicate.

Some couples like to meditate in separate rooms while listening to a shared, guided meditation, and some prefer doing it together. In any case, meditating simultaneously keeps you bonded and connected, regardless of where you are.

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