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Facing Trouble in Your Married Life?
Know How to Fix It

Do you feel that something isn’t right between you and your partner? What does your intuition tell you about your relationship?

You may feel that your partner is not the same kind of person that you were married to. Your husband may act strangely or is less present for you. You develop a strong feeling that there’s something wrong between you and your husband, but he won’t talk or say that nothing is wrong when you ask him.

Men usually express their emotions through their actions. Do you know the signs that may imply that your husband is unhappy in the marriage? If not, read this complete post and find out.

You can determine what’s in the mind and heart of your husband just by studying him. Once you get to know what’s bothering him, you can work on it and save your failing relationship in time.

7 Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage

There can be various signs of an unhappy marriage. Let’s discuss some of the most important ones in detail which indicate that your husband is unhappy in the marriage.

1. He doesn't spend quality time with you

Once, you and your husband were inseparable, and you were his top priority. But now he avoids spending time with you. He may put in extra hours at work or spend all his leisure time with his friends. If you find him working late in the evenings, weekends, or vacations, the chances are high that he is using his job at his convenience to avoid spending time with you. This is the first red flag you should watch out for.

Spending quality time with your partner is when you get to know each other and their feelings, start connecting and bonding together. Even if you have kids, you should spend some time alone with your partner each day, and it would not mean you are neglecting your kids. In fact, it is seen that children who see their parents in a happy relationship trust their parents to satisfy their own emotional requirements more than children with unhappy parents.

It's pretty easy to feel that you have no time left in your daily schedule after work, kids, and chores. The amazing thing about quality time is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time to start experiencing the benefits; 10 minutes a day will also do. Just make sure that for those ten minutes, you don’t worry about anything else. Your kids are fine, and other activities can wait for this much time. Naturally, when you make an effort into communicating, you will gradually increase the amount of quality time you spend together.

2. He has developed a new obsession

If your husband starts devoting all or most of his leisure time exercising, golfing, painting, or pursuing other hobbies at the cost of your relationship, this is a clear indication something is definitely wrong in your relationship.

If your husband fails to find peace at home or around you, he will do everything possible to reduce the amount of time to spend at home or with you.

So, when you realize that your husband is spending more time on work, hobbies, or with friends, it’s a clue that he may be unhappy in the marriage.

3. He doesn’t talk to you anymore as he used to

Communication is one of the key characteristics of a healthy relationship. Its importance in any relationship can't just be overlooked. It is through communication only that makes you feel closer to your partner, build and demonstrate trust, and fix your problems. It indicates a trusting and lovable relationship, and without it, your relationship will eventually become unsustainable.

If you find that your husband is less interested in communicating with you or your conversations are mostly small, functional talks, or you rarely discuss anything other than your kids or other people rather than each other, there might be an issue.

Determine why this may be happening and how it can harm the relationship. Is there a reason why you are communicating less? Can you do something to have some more meaningful conversations?

Most people tend to overlook how less frequent conversations can harm their marriage until problems start arising. Make an effort to ensure that you and you are communicating your feelings, plans, and dreams often.

4. He feels uncomfortable around happy couples

Most people who are unhappy in marriage don’t feel comfortable around happy couples. In fact, seeing people in a happy relationship just adds salt to your injury. Your husband may feel jealous of them because probably he has lost all hopes for finding happiness with you.

One another reason why your husband may be uncomfortable around happy couples is that seeing others happy creates an emotional turmoil within him. He feels the pressure to take the relationship to a new level, which he may be missing now. He will also not want you to make unrealistic expectations from him. Note the behavior of your husband when he sees happy couples. If yes, he may be unhappy in the marriage.

All you should do is to work on your relationship. If the problem doesn’t fix or worsen with time, kindly consult a relationship expert.

5. He has started keeping secrets

In this technological era, betrayal in a relationship has become very common. Is your partner keeping secrets? Is he not sharing details about their day? Maintaining transparency is crucial in a relationship. In its absence, you may feel neglected or as if they are having a relationship on the side which you are completely unaware about.

If your husband has started keeping secrets, try to identify the reason why is he doing so? Identifying the root cause of any issues is the first and the foremost step of resolving it.

6. He don’t show much affection

Happy couples generally greet each other with hugs and kisses. They fall asleep in each other’s arms. Do you used to do this but not anymore?

Many couples give up these little gestures of love after years of relationship. If you feel that your husband doesn't show much affection towards you or the gestures that used to provide you feelings of warmth have become less frequent, he may be unhappy in the marriage.

Affection is one of the most overlooked attributes of a long-term relationship. The reason being, one or both people become so busy in their work, kids and daily chores that they often fail to show affection towards each other. Make it a point to be more affectionate with your husband by giving him a lot more hugs and kisses, cuddling, and holding hands while walking on the road. In this way, you can add a pinch of affection to your tedious relationship.

7. He avoids having sex or isn’t as intimate as before

Happiness generally comes from within when you feel a connection to your partner, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Various problems could arise when this connection is lost.

Now, how can you know that your relationship is losing intimacy? Eye contact will tell you if there’s something wrong in the relationship. If your husband is not maintaining eye contact while talking to you, it may be an indication that he is unhappy in the marriage. You may disregard this point, but just saying “I love you” to your partner while leaving for work or tour can have incredible outcomes.

Medical reasons can also sometimes be the reason for losing intimacy. Most men feel uncomfortable sharing their sexual health concerns with their partners. He may have erectile dysfunction, and so is avoiding you or spending intimate moments with you. However, ED is quite common and affects millions of people in the world. Look for nearby Erectile Dysfunction clinic Los Angeles if ever you’re in the area.

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These were the top signs to find out if your husband is unhappy in the marriage. If you notice one or more red flags in your relationship, start working on it. It just demands a little time and effort to fix relationship issues and if such complications can be fixed with Sildenafil 100mg, what's wrong in it?

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