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How to Check if a Man Really Loves You? 6 Signs

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Love is a unique feeling that we share with a loved one. That is why it is worth taking care of and cultivating them every day. Unfortunately, not all couples are told the fairy tale "they lived happily ever after". Many women sometimes question their relationship with their chosen one. Often behind this are, among others the partner's coldness, repeated quarrels, breaking promises, and not being interested in the partner's needs. This type of behavior leads to questions, women want to find answers at all costs.

It's often the case that we've been together for a long time, but we still don't know what that might lead to. A relationship is like a casual relationship without obligation, and it certainly isn't the height of a dream for either of us. Women like clear situations. Usually, we are certain of our partner's feelings and plans only when he decides to make a proposal. Before that, everything is possible, because gentlemen rarely talk openly about their feelings. Fortunately, not only words matter.

Does he love me or like me? - this question is asked by every woman with butterflies flying in her belly and only one person filling her thoughts. Whether a man is seriously interested in you is easier to see than you think.

He got to know you with his friends and family

If he introduced you to his friends and family, it is a sign that he is serious about your relationship. A man in love wants to show everyone how lucky he is that he has such a wonderful woman by his side, he wants to show you off in front of everyone. Observe the object of your sighs - if he shows you respect and interest when you are among friends, that's a very good sign.

He listens carefully

We say thousands of words every day. It is difficult to remember them all, but a loving person can catch the most important information. If the boy listens, tries to understand, and often calls up your words, it means that you are really close to him.

He is completely honest with you

If he really cares about you, he will try to be honest with you. Therefore, you will quickly feel that you trust him completely. You won't notice any embarrassment or other strange reactions on his face when you ask him about the job and his exes. He will not wriggle around or make excuses not to answer.

He can compromise

Love can soften many hearts. He is usually stubborn and likes to get his own way. However, when he meets you, he looks for the truth somewhere "in the middle". He can give up a good thriller in favor of a romantic comedy. Sometimes he is willing to sacrifice just to please you. Signals of disinterestedness are an important determinant of falling in love.

Time together

He likes to spend time with you. Watching movies together is always better than doing the same thing alone. Even when he is very tired, he enjoys spending time with you, e.g. cuddling on the couch. This is how he shows closeness and interest to you. When he has more strength, he takes you on romantic walks and to meet his friends.


He unexpectedly writes to you that he will be there in 15 minutes and you should be ready because he wants to take you for a walk outside the city. Such surprises show a sincere feeling. Really, a guy who doesn't care about a woman or just wants to pass her will not try to make romantic gestures but will get straight to the point.

Now sit back and do an examination of your conscience. Does your guy do these or other things? If so, then you have the answer to your question: Does he love me? Yes, he loves you! Or maybe you noticed other behaviors not mentioned in this article that testify to this?

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