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Spousebusters Perth : How to Hire the Best Private Detective to Spy on Your Spouse


If your spouse is cheating on you, the best way to confirm is by hiring a private detective to ensure infidelity. However, before doing so, you may do some snooping on your own by looking for signs your spouse is cheating on you. Doing so ensures you can hire a detective from SpouseBusters Perth to gather proof and helps you cut down on person-hours and cost. Suppose you are thinking of hiring a private detective like Spouse Busters to spy on your spouse. Here is a guide to assist you out in getting the best PI to solve your case. check out the tips you can consider to hire the best private detective to spy on your spouse.


As you begin to search for the best private detective in your area, it is crucial to see if the person you are hiring is a licensed, experienced PI. Most states require private investigators to obtain an investigating license, passing grades on assessment exams and specific training courses. However, some states like South Dakota, Mississippi, Alaska, etc., do not have licensing requirements. 

Experienced PI

Many private investigators are well trained in tracking a missing person, tracing outstanding debt, or something else in the investigating industry. Therefore, choosing a detective with more experience with marital investigations will be beneficial for doing your work. 


To make your investigation a success be sure to discuss every specific detail with each PI you have been considering. Licenced PIs will utilize all possible methods available to them for granting results. However, PI is unable to pose tap wires or obtain cell phone records. So make sure they include services like GPS tracking, social media networking, physical surveillance, hidden camera, internet monitoring.

Cost of investigation

It is essential to consider the cost you will be paying the private investigator for an extensive professional investigation. The cost of PIs vary widely based on their experience, length of the investigation, and location. First, however, here is some general information about the PI cost.

  • The average hourly rate ranges between $50-$55
  • Don't forget to add on the additional cost incurred on driving, hotel cost, fees of adding further PI to the case, etc. 
  • Many PI requires you to deposit fees initially up to $5000 for expenses and services like travel, urgent issues, etc.

Commit to the investigation 

Once you have hired a private investigator, do commit to the investigation. It is highly crucial to give all the purposeful information needed for the investigation. Give all the details while you have gained when monitoring. Holding anything back from detectives will only disrupt the investigation. However, if you are willing to find out the truth, do not hesitate to share the minute details. 


The tips mentioned earlier on hiring the best private detectives will help you prove or disprove your spouse's cheating. In addition, consulting a private investigator will help you gain evidence that can be used as proof.

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