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The Hidden Meaning Behind The Flowers You Send

Flowers You Send

We all know that red roses are flowers that represent love. But did you know that every flower has a hidden meaning? Various cultures associate different meanings of flowers based on their bloom and their colors. While a single daffodil is considered bad luck in certain countries, tulips are best used when seeking forgiveness. So, before you end up sending the wrong flowers to your loved ones and give them the wrong signal, let’s learn the symbolic meaning of flowers so that the next time you send flowers, you get them just right.


Roses are simply the most popular flowers when it comes to expressing love. While red roses, as we all know, are the go-to choice for Valentine’s Day, yellow, pink, and white roses have their own significant meaning as well. Pink roses express gratitude, yellow roses symbolize friendship, and white roses, as their color signify, represent innocence and purity. Roses are known to exist for more than 5000 years when they were grown in the gardens of China. Over the centuries, they have travelled across the world and have become the most popular flowers for gifting.


Lilies are gentle and somber, and they are mostly used in funeral arrangements. But their use is not limited to it as they are available in different colors and bear various meanings. White lilies are supposed to symbolize rebirth and purity; yellow ones represent friendship. Red lilies are a symbol of love and passion; orange lilies represent confidence. Pink lilies, on the other hand, are all about femininity and adoration.


These beautiful blooms have been there for over 2000 years, and they were used quite frequently by the Greeks and Romans. But over the years, Carnations have become a popular choice for gifting. And every shade of this beautiful flower has a significant meaning. While pink carnations are supposed to represent motherly love, white ones are supposed to bring good luck. And light red carnations are perfect for your first date as they represent admiration and affection.


Did you know that tulips were regarded as precious as gold during the 17th century? Well, they sure are lovely and rare, and gifting them to a loved one will bring a broad smile to their smile. While lilies are mostly known to represent love and happiness, they have different flower color meanings. Yellow tulips are known to bring happiness; red ones represent love; pink tulips are for good wishes; purple tulips represent royalty.


Sunflowers are all about warmth, happiness, and joy. These flowers that blossom across the grasslands in the UK and parts of North America bring the goodness of the sun. Their bright yellow color is associated with good things, and some cultures also associate them with loyalty and adoration. So, if you want to wish someone well and hope their life is filled with light, sunflowers are the best choice.


Available in varying sizes and shapes, dahlias are perfect for every occasion. Known to be the national flower of Mexico, dahlias have a beautiful history behind them. While dahlias are mostly associated with well-being, purity, and innocence, the burgundy variety of dahlias is the only flower variety to have a negative connotation – that of betrayal. However, red ones represent power and strength; white dahlias are for purity and innocence; pink ones represent femininity and kindness; blue dahlias are said to bring about a positive change.

Best Birthday Flowers that you can send

Birthdays are special for all of us. So, if you wish to send someone birthday flowers, they should represent happiness, celebratory spirit, good luck, and best wishes. Here are the flowers that best compliment this occasion:

Gerbera daisies: Cheerful and happy, that’s the symbolic meaning of these flowers, and they make for the best birthday gift.

Tulips: Although mostly available in spring, nothing brightens up a day than these beautiful and rare blooms. Send someone a bouquet of tulips on their birthday and see how it changes their mood.

Sunflowers: Happy, bright, and full of warmth, sunflowers say it all.

Best anniversary flowers to choose from

Whether it’s the first time you went out on a date with your special someone, a year of being in a relationship, or your wedding anniversary, express your love with some dazzling blooms that will make this special day even more memorable.

Rose: When it comes to expressing and professing your love, red roses can never go wrong. A classic choice for centuries, roses are fresh, fragrant, and delicate symbols of eternal love.

Carnation: These flowers and their meaning fit just right for anniversaries. Known to represent passion and desire, a bouquet of carnations and their colorful variants can be a real delight.

Peonies: If your anniversary is any time between April and June, then nothing fits better than delightful peonies.

So, now that you know the flowers and their meaning, make someone feel special by sending the right flower bouquet on the right occasion. Flowers are not just to celebrate, but also to appreciate. Whether you want to express your love with Valentine’s Day Flowers or Anniversary Flowers or wish to express your gratitude with Mother’s Day Flowers, these rare blooms never fail to impress.

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