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What You Can Do to Help Domestic Violence Victims

Since the COVID pandemic began in 2020, there have been many negative effects that are still being felt 2+ years down the road. Current inflation and gas prices can partially be blamed on COVID, but some of the results of the pandemic are even more personal for some individuals. 

For instance, domestic violence saw a significant spike, particularly during quarantine. The additional stress of the pandemic, along with being shut in with abusers, meant that calls to helplines increased by 5x. 

The pandemic may be over, but the stress of simple living doesn’t seem to have decreased, which generally causes abusers to be triggered more frequently and for more instances of abuse to take place. 

Too often, victims of domestic abuse don’t speak out either for fear of retaliation, emotional attachment to the abuser, or a variety of other concerns. 

It’s important for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others to be able to recognize the signs of abuse and to know what to do. Be aware, be available, and be ready to help.

Help Domestic Violence Victims
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