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A Step-by-Step Guide to Picking Your Wedding Theme (+ Hot Themes to Choose From!)

Wedding Theme

For brides that are ready to walk down the aisle, the wedding preparation can be tough, especially when they still have no idea what theme to choose for their wedding.

Many brides always wonder if a theme is too old-fashioned, too tacky, or too cliché that they end up getting flustered while planning for their wedding!

For those who are in the same situation, don’t worry. Here, we’ve curated some sure-fire tips that’ll get bridezillas out of their wedding planning rut. They’ll be able to choose their theme wisely with these six steps!

Look Out for Inspos

This one’s easy, which is why it’s placed on top of this list. Don’t have a clue what theme to follow for your wedding? Do a quick Google search, and it’ll show you a ton of results. Aside from Google, there are more places to jump-start your search.

  • Pinterest (and other social media) — Pinterest is a treasure trove when it comes to finding inspiration for a wedding. A simple keyword search on “weddings” will give you thousands of results. Get started with that, and see if anything catches your fancy.
  • Wedding brands — Follow brands that specialize in weddings, and check out what’s currently trending today. They usually post valuable content on their blogs or social media accounts.
  • Your social media feed — There’s nothing wrong with checking out other people’s weddings. You never know you might get to finally decide on a wedding theme from it!

Popular Themes That Dominate Weddings Today

We’ve rounded up the hottest wedding themes that have been popping in our feeds this year.

  • Classic. Never go out of style with soft hues and a traditional wedding ceremony.
  • Bohemian. Airy dresses and flower crowns? Count us in.
  • Rustic. Natural textures are key to this simple yet chic wedding theme.
  • Garden. Think floral wedding invites and breezy bridesmaid summer dresses.
  • Beach. The best thing about this theme is anyone can go barefoot!
  • Modern.A monochrome color palette and geometric patterns complete this theme.

Ask Your Partner

Wedding Theme

A bride can’t get married without her groom, so it’s only right to ask his opinion on their wedding theme! Brides are often in charge of this aspect of wedding planning, but grooms can also take part. They may even have some unique ideas to help their partners get out of their creative rut.

Even if both parties can’t agree on a single theme, they can always fuse their ideas and come up with a unified theme. The outcome may even surprise the soon-to-be-weds and their guests!

Look Into Your Interests

It can be difficult to come up with a wedding theme, especially for those who aren’t on the artsy side. For those who have no idea where to start, they can get inspiration from their own hobbies, interests, or profession!

Some grooms who have served or are currently serving in the military have been married in a military-themed wedding. If the bride and groom are both Harry Potter fans, then why not have a Hogwarts-inspired ceremony? At the end of the day, it’s the couple’s wedding and not anyone else’s.

Enlist Your Bridesmaids’ Help

Bridesmaids can have tons of unique wedding theme ideas up their sleeve. Brides only need to ask! Since they’re part of the entourage, it’s only right to ask them how they want to look on the big day.

The bridesmaid dresses will greatly depend on the wedding theme. Flowy off-shoulder dresses make a great bohemian vibe. Floral patterned outfits look stunning for garden-themed weddings. If you want a classic bridesmaid piece that will fit any theme, go for kimono-style bridesmaid satin robes.

Follow Potential Suppliers

Wedding Theme

Brides can start scouting for potential wedding vendors months before the big day. These suppliers most likely have social media pages or blogs where they showcase their previous works. These are great sources of inspiration for upcoming brides out there.

Not only will they have an idea of how their wedding will look, but they also won’t have to look any further for suppliers. By then, they’ll already have a list they can contact once they’ve decided on a theme.

Choose What Resonates with Your Style

At the end of the day, it’s the bride and groom that gets to decide their wedding theme. Once they’ve scouted for sources of inspiration, it should be a lot easier to decide which ones resonate with their personal style the most.

For the simple no-nonsense bride, they’ll be more comfortable with a minimalist-themed wedding. Talk about clean lines, sharp silhouettes, and a monochromatic color palette.

Meanwhile, the glamorous bride will most likely go for a princess-themed wedding. Think ball gowns, sleek suits, and elegant candleholders.

The trick is to not give in to what’s trending. Brides should stick to the style that they can relate to the most.

Get Hitched!

The final step? Get hitched! Now that the wedding theme is all set, it will be a lot easier to plan the rest.

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