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How to Get Intimacy Back In Your Relationship

Falling in love is one of the best feelings you can experience in life. It’s like getting a new toy that has tons of secrets of compartments to discover. Something everyone is passionate about. But it’s an entirely different story when it comes to staying in love.

After a long time, the “till death do us part” can take its toll on you. 

So if you think your relationship is breaking apart, the tips below should rekindle the romance and let you and your partner fall in love again.

It’s OK If You Are Not “In Love” Every Day

When you first fall in love, the first things you will feel are passion and excitement. But over time, this fades out. So, if you think your relationship is dead because your feelings have changed, it's not.

Excitement and passion are hard to maintain, especially when you are in a long-term relationship. It's just impossible. That is why it's essential to understand that your end goal in a relationship is to have someone be by your side in both good and bad times in your life. Not someone who's just there to excite you. Understanding this concept will lessen the pressure of being in love all the time.

So remember, it's OK to not fall "in love" with your partner every day.

Try To Revisit the Beginning

While it’s impossible to maintain your feelings before, you can revisit those days when you first felt those butterflies inside of you. The beginning of your relationship is where you feel the most passion and excitement. So going to a place where you first met or where you had your first date is sure to bring those feelings back.

Sometimes all you need is a trip back to memory lane to remind yourself why you wanted to be with your significant other in the first place.

Be Open and Share Secrets with Your Partner

Intimacy isn't all about sex. It's the closeness you have with your significant other. If you think you and your partner are growing apart, try telling them about a secret you have never told anyone. When couples can share secrets and are not judgmental, their connection strengthens. 

Do Something Exciting 

Being in your comfort zone all the time can be boring, which can seep into your relationship. So to kick start your relationship, doing something that is an adrenaline rush is sure to rekindle back those flames. 

An adrenaline rush can increase attraction. You don’t have to go bungee jumping or do something extreme. Going to a haunted house, the amusement park, or anything adventurous that you both find interesting is enough.

Refrain From Having Sex for Awhile

It sounds like it's counterintuitive, but one way for you to get the heat back is to take sex out of the equation – at least for a while. You can kiss and hold hands but don't go all the way. This builds up sexual tension as well as vulnerability. So when you finally do it, that lost connection you had will come back.

Or Level Up Your Sex Life 

Another thing you can do is level up your sex life. You don’t always have to do it in bed. Try doing something exciting like using sex toys. Change when, where or how you initiate sex. Having stagnant sex life can kill the romance.


Staying in love can be difficult, especially if you are new to long-time relationships. If you think you have found the one but are having a hard time keeping the connection in place, you can follow the tips above to rekindle the lost flame.

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