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8 Fun Activities For Long Distance Couples

Long distance relationships are tough. It’s hard to find ways to keep the flame alive, and sometimes it feels like you’re just waiting for the other person to come back home. If you and your long distance boyfriend love staying active, but can't always be together, these eight activities will help you stay connected no matter the distance.

Indulge in a home spa day

Sometimes it can help to just spend an afternoon in the spa. Sit back and relax while you enjoy a facial or pedicure. You will both be able to relish in the moment and reconnect with one another—even if it's only for a little bit.

If you don't have time to make it all the way over to your partner's place, no worries! You can order at-home spa packages. From body scrub kits to foot scrubs, these kits are perfect for any couple in a long distance romance.

Watch a movie on the same day and time

Watching a movie on the same day and time is a great way to keep in touch with your partner. It can be hard enough to keep up with your partner when you're together, so of course it’s harder when you’re not!

Doing things like this is also a great way to build connections with your partner. Doing something like together, despite being apart, breeds closeness. And bonus, you don’t have to wait until the next time you’re together to watch that movie you’re dying to see!

Share some favorite foods

Share some favorite foods with each other

Long distance relationships can cause you to be really hungry. It's hard to find a way to eat with your loved one when they're not in the same room. But don't worry! There are plenty of ways that long distance couples can stay connected with food.

One of the best things you can do is cook together via video chat. It may seem difficult at first, but cooking is as much about sharing a moment as it is about eating something delicious. Food is a great way for you and your partner to share memories and have some quality conversation. Cooking together also allows you to bond over shared experience, making it an essential part of any relationship.

Write letters to each other

Staying connected with a long distance relationship is hard, but sending letters and cards is one way to keep the connection alive.

There are many different ways to send letters in this day and age. You can do it through email, text messages, or even by using snail mail. Sending emails just requires an internet connection, so it's easy to keep your partner updated on everything that's going on during the day. It's also a great way for you to get your partner’s perspective on things and see how they're doing too.

When you're away from your partner, these letters will help remind you of the bond you share together and how much they mean to the both of you. And a handwritten letter can give you a sense of connection because you’re holding something that your partner once held. 

Try something new

Try something new together

Whether you do these during your time together or just use video chat to do them separately but together, these activities are a great way to go on dates and still feel connected:

  • Hiking: Whether it’s a short hike in the neighborhood or an overnight camping trip, hiking will give you time to reconnect and spend quality time together. 
  • Camping: Set up camp and enjoy the outdoors with each other. While you might be miles apart, there's always something new around you that can remind you of one another.
  • Biking: Who doesn't love riding their bike? It's a means of transportation that gives you the opportunity to interact with your partner, enjoy nature, and get some exercise.
  • Skiing: If you can’t go to Aspen to ski, head for one of the many other ski resorts where you can enjoy fresh powder and some time together in a romantic setting atop the slopes.

Keep up with your fitness routine

There's nothing like a happy hour at the local bar to help you blow off steam after a long day. But if you're not careful, you might be spending too much time with your friends instead of with your partner.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to stay active without being together. Whether it's cycling or playing tennis, these activities will help keep your fitness routine going and strengthen the bond between partners.

Plus, when you're exercising together, it'll remind you why you fell in love in the first place!

Plan an awesome date

Plan an awesome date to look forward to (and share!) 

Start planning now for the next time you and your partner are together. Think of fun activities like: 

  • Skydiving: This adrenaline-inducing activity will help keep the romance alive.
  • Dive into a new book together: If you love to read, there's no better way to spend time together than curling up with a good book.
  • Build something together: For some couples, building something is more meaningful than just buying it or watching it get built on TV. Have an idea for how your partner can build something? Reach out to them! They might surprise you with their skills at woodworking or welding!
  • Take dance classes together: It can be tough not being able to hold each other close when you're separated by miles and miles of space, but dancing classes will give you a fun and legit reason to get handsy with each other. And it will help you build great memories together.

Send each other love gifts

It can be hard to stay engaged with each other when you’re so far away. And for long-distance couples, sending a simple card or note can seem like too much effort. But there are plenty of ways to show your love without the need for gifts.

One way is to send an adorable drawing, photo or even a letter telling your partner how much you love them. It doesn't take any time out of your day and has the potential to bring joy and happiness into their day.

Don't give up! 

There are so many things that can keep you and your loved one connected, no matter the distance. With these eight activities, you'll always be able to stay in touch with your partner while they're away.

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