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Fostering Growth within a Marriage

As you embark on your personal development journey, it can be tempting to go it alone. At some point, though, you may fall in love and want to get married. During this time, many people worry that they won’t have the time or space to transform into the best versions of themselves. This quick guide will help you continue to achieve personal growth while being the best husband or wife to your partner.

Commit to Couple’s Therapy

It’s not just for couples with problems. All married people should consider taking their partner along to a few therapy sessions. This is your chance to ensure that you’re always in tune with your spouse and on the same wavelength about any issues that emerge. It’s a chance to raise concerns in a safe setting and find a mutually beneficial compromise.

Even just one session a month can make a huge difference. It’s all about carving out time to work on your relationship in order to avoid its slow and gradual decline. This is also a great opportunity to explain your growth goals and be open with your partner about the changes you’ll be going through in the coming months and years.

Schedule in Alone Time 

You learn the most about yourself when you can be alone with yourself. In a marriage, finding this space can be difficult. You wake up with your partner, may spend all day with them, and certainly go to sleep with them. This leaves little time for reflection and introspection. A stable and happy couple will be okay spending time apart.

How much alone time you need is really up to you. Maybe you’d like to take an hour-long walk each day, using this time to think about your personal growth. Or maybe you need longer. Consider taking week-long solo trips every so often. This will give you a chance to escape your comfort zone in search of growth.

Sign a Prenup

This is a step you need to take before you even tie the knot. A prenup is simply a divorce settlement that you make in the unlikely case that your marriage breaks down. It means that if such a situation does unfold, you’re able to deal with it swiftly and without too many arguments. That makes divorce less painful but it also improves the quality of your marriage.

Find a legal department that can help you draw up a prenuptial agreement. Make sure you and your partner are completely happy with the terms. Then, you can put it aside and focus on making the marriage a success. A prenup shouldn’t be seen as unromantic or somehow untrustworthy. It’s simply a smart decision.

Getting married can completely transform your life. At the same time, it can make it difficult to focus on your own personal goals and growth. In order to make it work, consider marriage counseling to keep the relationship honest and fulfilling. It’s also important for both partners to enjoy their alone time and prenup can make the whole process much easier.

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