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First Trip Together & Destination Ideas

First Trip Together

Planning a Trip for Two

If you’re planning your first trip together with your significant other, it’s important to keep the planning and itinerary of your trip as balanced as possible (unless you’re planning it as a surprise, of course). Having an equal say and work put into the planning will ensure that you both have a good time and avoid that feeling one put in more effort than the other.

When it comes to logistics, settling on a budget, location, activities and even a driving schedule (if you’ll be hitting the road) is important. When you’re not on the same page, it can often lead to uncomfortable or awkward conversations during your trip and nobody wants that. As you build your schedule, split up your days evenly so that you both end up having a trip you enjoy. Settle on restaurants, hotels, and excursions ahead of time so you don’t run into long lines or fully booked restaurants.

For some more tips and a list of some of the most romantic destinations in the U.S. to visit, check out this romantic road trip guide. Whether you’re an outdoorsy and active couple or love a vibrant nightlight to catch dinner and a show, you’re sure to find the perfect getaway for you and your partner...

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