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8 Ways to Find the Best Engagement Ring Online

Symbolizing a couple's union with an engagement ring is a significant life event. Figuring out how to handle it the right way is both exciting and scary. Engagement rings can be expensive, so finding the perfect one to purchase is crucial.

While many couples shop for rings together, there will always be a few shopping online for an engagement ring individually for their significant other. Using this guide will help anyone find the best engagement ring choice.

What Type of Ring Fits Best?

Deciding which type of engagement ring will fit the occasion best is the most crucial step when proposing. Each diamond cut will be different from the next and priced differently per carat. Band metals will also play a significant role in the ring choice. Also, remember that the carat size will affect the ring's price.

Step one is to choose the band for the ring. Most engagement and wedding rings will use gold of various types: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Some will also use silver or platinum. Platinum looks like silver but has a higher density, making it more expensive due to its rarity. Remember that some metals scratch easier than others, so keep environment and lifestyle in mind.

Choosing the shape of the diamond will also play a vital role when purchasing an engagement ring. Knowing a partner's preference in shape (or cut) will help narrow the search down significantly. Some diamond cuts will have more carats than others, making it easier to save money on larger-sized rings with different shapes. Having several carat sizes in mind will help to reduce the stress of searching for an engagement ring.

Measuring the ring will also play a vital role in the search for the perfect ring. Both parties should get their ring fingers measured for proper band sizing before purchasing rings. An engagement ring should be snug enough to feel comfortable when worn. Engagement rings should never be tight enough to cut off circulation in the finger. When shopping separately for engagement rings, it may be a good idea to get measured and casually mention the sizing when the topic comes up next.

Keep in mind that the engagement ring should also match the wedding band. Some styles will play well off each other, while matched ring styles may look better. Taking the time to look at various options will help narrow the search.

Where to Find the Best Rings

When purchasing the chosen engagement ring, always ensure it's from a certified retailer. Take time shopping for any significant investment such as a wedding or engagement ring. Ensuring the stone comes from an accredited laboratory and is a certified stone is vital. Purchasing from unaccredited labs can result in poor quality diamonds used in rings to give the illusion of a better grade.

Diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle for identification purposes. This inscribing helps match the imperfections of the diamond to the certificate's map.

Find the Ring That Fits Best

The color of the diamond will also play a part in how much a diamond's cut will cost. To save money, choose diamond colors that look colorless to the naked eye. Never be afraid to negotiate or ashamed to look into wholesale purchasing options, as both are excellent ways to get the perfect ring for a great price.

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