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Wife Talking About Ex Lovers -
Past Must Remain in the Past

Talking About Ex Lovers

Are you personally interested in the past relationships of your husbands or wives? Are you asking meticulously? But then what to do with this truth? How to live? Do you really need to know the truth? After all, the past must remain in the past! And to what extent can you be frank with your loved one? Psychologists have a special test for this: “Imagine that your whole life, from the beginning to the present day, has been filmed. Are you ready to show this film to your beloved one?”

Who cares about your past? Why ask your husband or wife about their exes? In this article, we will discuss why the wife talking about ex lovers.

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Of course, you don't need to lie to your beloved one and hide some facts that will come out sooner or later. But it is still necessary to keep some kind of personal space, closed even for the closest person. It is one thing to be frank, and another thing to turn inside out those secret places of the soul, which are usually shown only to a psychologist or a priest.

First of all, it can be a lack of education and general culture. It is unlikely that you know the entire life history of your beloved one. As a result, the girl has matured, and in her head is a mess of maternal prohibitions, advice from girlfriends, tips from glossy magazines, social networks, especially Instagram and blogs. So there is a mess in a woman’s head.

The second reason your wife might talk about her ex lovers might be a desire to attract attention. Ladies of the hysterical type are dependent on attention. If not, they can get sick. Now let's imagine a standard story: a rich man marries a young, beautiful woman and puts her in a golden cage, and he himself goes through meetings and saunas. But a woman needs to be admired, to be loved. Many women need this, and hysterical ones in particular. And then some swindler appears ... The consequences can be very sad. Therefore, men, marrying a beautiful and bright woman or simply starting a relationship with her, should think if he can pay enough attention, tenderness, warmth to her.

The other reason that your wife can talk about ex lovers, can be a desire to cause jealousy often paired with a second reason. Sometimes a woman can invent admirers or betrayals in order to get a man's attention back - at least for a minute. The consequences, again, can be tragic.

The other reason can be misguided trust. This happens when a man has not yet decided on his feelings, or, in principle, there are none, and the woman has already decided that the relationship is serious. Then she can start talking about her past that is not worth telling. Often this happens because she was lonely for a long time, and unspoken pain has accumulated. 

A woman can give his husband the necessary minimum of information at the stage of courtship, and she doesn't need to support these conversations anymore. So a woman doesn’t need to think about her exes and doesn’t need to talk about them with her husband or friends. If a woman constantly remembers her ex, she will gradually destroy her feelings for her husband. When a woman has chosen a man, all her sexual desire, heart and brain should be directed to him.

So take your time to turn into a finished book, leave a few pages sealed. When your husband knows everything about you, he, of course, does not stop loving you, but he loses interest.

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