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Event Magic: How To Make It One To Remember

Every now and again those all important events crop up that stick out in the attendees’ memory for years to come. Whether a wedding, graduation or workplace event, you’ll want to make it a special one. Each event organizer will want something different from their event, but if you want to make it one to remember it isn’t too difficult. Depending on what you’re doing there are simple steps to take to ensure your event stays in the memory of those who have attended.

Make It Stick Out

If the people you’ve invited are used to going to the kind of event that you’re throwing, you need to make sure you make it stick out. This can be done by utilizing brilliant decorations and decorative elements. You might be creating a “themed” party for example or a wedding. If it’s a theme, make sure you properly buy into it otherwise the event might fall flat. You can find tons of inspiration online. You want to wow your guests by doing something different which will cement itself into their minds for years to come.

Event Magic

Immortalize The Day

Having it stick in the minds of the attendees is one thing, but you want to be able to look back on the event for years to come. Consider using a photographer or a videographer to immortalize the event for everyone. The right event photographer can not only capture some of the best moments but can also add to the feel of the day. You can give photos out to the guests or use the photos in your marketing efforts down the line if your event is business oriented and focused. The pictures and videos can be put up on social media for everyone to enjoy online for years after the event itself. If you’re going to make it one to remember…make sure people can dip into the memory by viewing the photos. 

Give Stuff Away

People love free stuff. Even if you’re inviting high society. Free items can be things created by your business if that’s what the event is centered around. If it's a wedding then gifts or wedding favors are popular and you can wow guests by exceeding their expectations. This is even better if you can somehow personalize the gifts to suit the tastes of each guest, but it is quite the undertaking.

Top Entertainment

As well as your photographer it’s important to think about entertainment. At a business event, this might simply be a few well thought out jokes. At a wedding or birthday you’d hire a band or someone to make people laugh and ensure they’re having fun. People remember laughing, they remember having a good time. Hiring some quality entertainment is a great way to ensure they do this. Try to think about the crowd and hire someone who will play to what they enjoy. It’s quite easy to miss the mark with entertainment, especially if you hire a below quality performer. At the same time, at huge events, it’s hard to please everybody. It’s certainly something to think about.

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