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Etiquette to Keep in Mind at Topless Bars

There is nothing more enjoyable than going to a bar and grill that offers you food served by topless waitresses. It is easy to become over-excited. Therefore, it is wise to know proper etiquette before you visit so you are not evicted while having a good time. They are designed to give you and everyone you are with a laid-back evening, but you want to make sure it remains that way.

Flirt, but Mind Personal Space

Girls love to be flirted with, especially in a topless bar. Before visiting the restaurant, read over what rules are in place about touching the waitresses. Some locations will allow you to put your hand on their shoulder or pose for pictures. However, many will not allow any physical contact. Bouncers are the best source of information regarding the rules. Whenever in doubt, let the waitress take the initiative with interactions.

Refrain From Fighting

When you mix hormones and alcohol, it is easy to get into altercations. The rules regarding fighting remain the same as any other establishment. Nothing ruins a great night out than something simple turning into a physical fight. If you see rowdiness beginning, let the bouncers handle the situation. Even if it involves someone you know, it is best to stay out of the problem. Remember that alcohol diminishes your ability to make intelligent choices, and words exchanged can quickly escalate. If you cannot handle your alcohol, either stay sober or go home when you have had one too many.

Not a Dating Scene

Even if your waitress is gorgeous and you guys connect while serving you, this is not a dating scene. The girls are trained to make everyone feel loved and welcome in the establishment. While it may seem like they are coming onto you, it is likely just her working her job. Do not attempt to wait for your waitress to get off the clock or contact her after her shift. Another way to think of this situation is your boss or a client asking you to perform work on your days off. To make the experience enjoyable for you and the staff, do not ask for phone numbers or dates after hours.

Dress Code

Before you venture into a topless bar, research what their dress code is. Most establishments will expect patrons to dress business to business casual. It is always best to avoid wearing athletic or house clothing and stick with dress shirts and nice jeans or slacks. Remember, this is still a diner and not a run-of-the-mill bar.

Be Prepared to Spend

Topless bars are an establishment where you can expect to spend a great deal of cash. You will often have a cover charge, food and drink cost, money for tips, and any extras you wish to enjoy (dances or private serving). The waitresses are there to make money, and they will offer better service to those that put out more money. If you plan to spend a decent budget, you will be sure to have a good time and not worry about the bill.

If you are looking for a night out with the guys and enjoy topless waitresses in Melbourne, commit these etiquette tips to memory. You will be sure to enjoy your night and the company of your friends without worrying about offending the staff of the establishment.

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