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Essential Communication and
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Communication aids relationship. It is an essential aspect of human existence. We communicate on a daily basis through many ways. We talk to people, we argue with people, we communicate differently towards different people and even the way we dress say something about ourselves. We also communicate for several reasons. We may communicate in order to sustain past relationships. We may communicate for the hopes of rekindling a lost love. We communicate to show care, concern and affection to people close to our hearts. Almost every activity we do from day to day constitutes a whole lot of communicative processes. We do all of these things because it is something we can't live without. It's part of our nature as humans having the ability to communicate in so many different levels than any other being.

Some important communication skills ensure a good and healthy relationship with the people surrounding us. And after all, who does not want a nice and healthy relationship with people. And while there are several ways to do it like having a chat session at Kasamba with psychics expert at relationships or people we love or just talking and conversing at dinnertime, this article lists down the essential aspects of communication and relationship skills. This could better help us in sustaining and dealing with all our relationships as part of our personal developments.


Perhaps, the single most important thing anyone should ever learn when communicating is listening. Paying attention to what is being said by someone is a great attitude and this often helps in building a meaningful and lasting relationship with others. We communicate almost every day with language and speech and of course we hear different things every day. In the same way that we talk a lot to people through these different processes and they hear what we talk about or tell to them. Listen not only to respond to someone but listen in order to fully understand what the other person is telling us. This is a substantial aspect of conversation especially when people need someone who is able to listen to them in times of personal crises. Undeniably, everyone experiences problem, however petty or heavy they might be. And listening is one action we could do to help others. We should also not discard the fact that listening to oneself is also significant. It helps us motivate ourselves, think carefully about many personal decisions and accept and rethink our judgments in the past.


The value of respect should be ever-present. Respect every people you meet along the way, however you might think they don't deserve such treatment. That is also a way of self-respect. By respecting your others, you are giving them something sort of a reason to respect you. More than that, you should also respect others without expecting something from them. Respect is a fundamental aspect of camaraderie and is also an important value that binds friendship and families. Respect opinions and should they be the weirdest and most unsound arguments, a good thing to do is opening up possibilities to them. If you can possibly talk to them in the most respectful way, that is best.


Sometimes, people tend to hide their emotions. There might be lots of reasons for this like self-pity, hatred and shyness but being confident to express what one is feeling is a validation of a strong personality. A strong personality that could take us to wherever and whatever we wish to go and never surrender easily despite of so many problems. Expressing ourselves to others is showing that we are able to communicate our personal worries and that we put trust in doing so. Self-expression is key in so many levels such as in a romantic relationship. Expression of love and care is important in order to boost each other every day and equally as important, in times of relationship quarrels. We should also express ourselves fully to people we trust the most like our families and friends. Always be open to them and make them be as comfortable as they can when they communicate with you. If people can express themselves fully the way you do then be happy because that is a sign of a good relationship.

Empathy is when you fully understand what other people think and feel about things. This is a positive vicarious character that we acknowledge the desires and feelings of other people even if we haven't ever felt that experience or circumstance. This engages us with others in order to appreciate and understand what others feel or how others react to certain events relevant to personal and social relationships. Being an empathic person guarantees us to be persons of utmost sensitivity to other opinions and experiences. Also, by being empathic we are able to decide and come up with various ways of solving conflicts. And by means of interpreting events, we could come up and derive relevant solutions event to the toughest problems we could ever encounter.

Lastly, never pretend to be someone else or hide away our flaws because that certainly constitutes of what makes us ourselves: our personality. Our authentic selves attest to our truest forms and possibilities. We can be conscious enough of our image but we individually carry out sets of qualities that help us differ and distinguish ourselves from others. We should be truest to ourselves because this shall reflect our relationship with other people which is very much influential to the relationship in various levels. When we are genuine of our personalities even to the least-loving side of us, we are offering the best image of ourselves. And by taking note of our flaws and doing things in order to change them for the better is knowing and understanding that although we can't be perfect persons, we adjust, change and transform to be the best version of ourselves.

These are things to consider while building healthy and great relationship towards other people. By knowing these things and coming to terms with how all of these works out, we are ensuring a personal path relevant to the development of our attitudes, behaviors and characters. Let us know if you have comments and suggestions by typing on the box below.

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