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Why You Should Consider Escape Rooms
As Best Birthday Party Venues?

Birthday Party

Birthdays are special, so it is worth having a blast and making your special event so memorable that nobody will forget. You want something unique that your friends are not expecting. Let me tell you how you can plan an epic birthday for yourself.

If you are searching for ‘birthday venues near me', I would suggest, replace your query instead with ‘escape rooms near me’. Now if you are not acquainted with escape rooms, let me introduce you to the new immersive world of adventure, thrill, and challenges. 

An escape room designed for small groups is a strategic game where the people work together to decipher codes, riddles, clues to ESCAPE out of a locked room in 60 minutes.

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Birthday Party

Why an Escape room birthday party?

  • Cost-effective yet exciting

Birthday Parties can be very expensive, unfortunately, but true. If you think about the costs associated with any common birthday party, it’s huge. Why not make your birthday less expensive and more adventurous. Tickets are affordable between $30-$35 per person. Let your celebration not burn your pocket.

  • Worldwide Popular

Escape rooms are popping up all over the world as popular party venues. Do not forget to try Fox in a Box, in Seattle, and Chicago. They have exciting missions for people of all ages. Get yourself trapped inside a spaceship or complete a mission to Mars, escape rooms with unique themes will surprise you and your friends. These games have made their way to mainstream entertainment from just being obscure.

  • Team Building

Parties in escape rooms are the perfect excuse to bring your family and friends together to strengthen your bond. Working together as a team to find clues in a pressure-filled situation, is something you will experience here. Teamwork is really important here. Escaping these rooms is not an easy task without teamwork. It guarantees an enhancement in your friendship.

  • Unique but different

These escape parties mesmerize you with their different unique themes. Have no more same old birthday parties in high-end restaurants but explore different games instead. Get a new experience with its action-packed activities with your clan and make your birthday worth remembering.

So, are you ready to make your birthday a one-of-a-kind experience? Let the escape rooms spice up your birthday and everyone invited will remember this event for a lifetime. So, let your Sherlock mode on and have a blast.

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