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5 Elements of a Healthy Relationship

Whether you are in a happy and committed relationship, or are in a relationship that needs a little bit of work, there are some common goals that you should be working towards. While every relationship is certainly unique, there are some core elements that remain true across the board in every healthy relationship.

Trust and respect

One of the foundational elements of a healthy relationship is that it is built on both trust and respect. A relationship cannot simply survive with these two ingredients.

It is easy to trust one another during times that are easy and happy, but when life gets tough these two foundational elements will determine how you will survive through tough times.

Communication and problem solving

Effectively communicating with your partner is another valuable tool that can help you to avoid or work through arguments more quickly. Further, problem solving skills are essential for working through various misunderstandings and issues that might arise over time. When you are able to communicate effectively with your partner, then you are to be better understood and feel respected by your partner.


Intimacy is one of the most important factors of a relationship. Further, it is important that each partner is satisfied with and also feels valued in the area of intimacy. When there is a strong connection in the intimacy department, each partner automatically feels valued, accepted, trusting, and connected. If this area is not where it need to be, try talking to you partner and create a plan.

Appearance matters from hair and makeup to the shoes on your feet

It may sound shallow, but appearance and the way you take care of your personal hygiene matters. It doesn’t mean you need to be a certain size or look like a Hollywood actor, however, your personal appearance is self-respect. It is also very important for your health and you own self- esteem. Studies show that people with better overall health and a neat appearance are also better partners to their significant others. If you are not sure how to get started with improving your appearance, you could hire a personal trainer, a nutritionist or perhaps a mobile make-up artist to come to your home and show you how best to do your hair or put make up on.

Start a hobby or project together

You both don't need to have every single interest in common, in fact, most couples have hobbies that do not interest their partner and that is completely normal. If you both don't have a hobby you share together, then why not find one! It could be anything from ballroom dancing, ballroom dance dresses, art classes or you could even consider working on projects together, this could be creating a garden, renovating your house and even building a house.

Final Thoughts

Having a healthy relationship is crucial to the survival of that relationship. In fact, some people would argue that any relationship that is not healthy is considered a toxic relationship. Regardless of the issues, complications, or struggles that you are facing with your partner, if you can build your relationship based on these five core standards, then you can build a relationship that will withstand the ultimate test: the test of time.

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