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The Do's And Dont's When Hooking Up With Apps

dos and donts

Whether you're a veteran in hooking up with strangers or still a greenhorn trying to get in the game, it doesn't hurt to read a simple do's and don'ts article. We often forget the rules and keep our guard down in the hookup world. It can cost us our safety and peace of mind if we continue to neglect our well-being. Treating this article as a necessary handbook, we need to refresh ourselves with what to do and not to do.

Lately, one viral hookup app has been in many controversies. One reason might be rooted in the app's change in management. An interesting article last year had covered all about Grindr being bought by a Chinese company. Yeah… you know how that goes. With that said, this information is just one of the things you should be reminded of for the sake of your personal and bodily safety.

The DOs

#1 DO let someone know you're going out.

A roommate, a friend, heck—even your next-door neighbor if you're close enough with them. Just let someone know for the sake of your safety. Tell them who you're meeting, where you'll be meeting them, and what time you'll be back. That way, someone will be there on the lookout in case things go awry. 

#2 DO assess them before a meet-up.

Before you send that one message to meet up with them, step-back for a bit, keep your focus and check their profile out. Does it look genuine? How about the conversations? Do they have a creepy vibe? Always trust your gut instincts on this.

If you're not sure about this experience, It's understandable. You can check out this site: for more knowledge about it. Otherwise, you only need a good head on your shoulders and a quick mind to get out of sticky situations if you want to have a harm-free hookup experience.

#3 DO consider having safe sex/get tested after the hookup.

Nobody likes getting a nasty surprise. If possible, use a condom when engaging in sexual activities, though that can only help you prevent STDs transmitted through penetration. If your sexual partner isn't keen on letting you use one, they might not be someone you should sleep with, anyway.

Though a great inconvenience, it's still recommended to get an STD test between new partners, with or without a condom. As the saying goes these days: stay positive and get tested negative.

The DON'Ts

dos and donts

#1 DON'T overexpose yourself to the app.

Do you know what's not going to get you a hookup pronto? It's scrolling endlessly in the app that you forgot to take a shower. Indeed, being inside the app can be addicting, and some even confess to skipping a meal or their daily exercise regimen in favor of that delicious swipe left, swipe right.

You can try to limit yourself to half an hour a day if you're too deep with the addiction. Set the alarm when you can check your phone and leave it alone when you're doing your daily routine. 

It's also not recommended to do this before going to bed. A study done by Physicians For Safe Technology has found that exposure to radiation coming from digital devices can cause a delay in melatonin production, thus keeping most of us awake at night after use. It's pretty sad to lose much-needed sleep because of a hookup app.

#2 DON'T be afraid to say "No."

What you are is a human being, not a lab rat for curious strangers to test out their kinks with. If someone you're talking with has many questionable sexual tastes that you're not comfortable with, make sure to put your foot down and say no.

This goes for them asking you to meet up, send selfies (if you're not comfortable with it), share your location, or other personal details. If they even try to force you, it's already a clear red flag that you should start being wary of them.

#3 DON'T expect something from your hookup partner.

Both of you didn't sign up for this app to find true love. Before you catch feelings, assess yourself, talk to them and—if they're just in it for the sex— move on. You should avoid deluding yourself into a relationship when there is nothing there for it to grow.

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