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Easy Things You Can Do Today to
Make Someone Feel Good

Happiness is easy to spread; you can make someone feel good or bad by a mere compliment or an insult. People out there are already stressed enough with the

Your act does not mean a great deal to you, but to the receivers, you will never know-it can mean a lot of difference. The generous gesture would definitely make their day happier and, in some instances, can also provide ease, help soothe the suffering, offer confidence, encourage, and empower. Just a single act may often cause a chain of positive responses, affecting several others in the way.

Take time. Don't hurry anything around. Gradually, you might find yourself doing multiple good deeds every day, and in no time, it'll become part of you when you float through your day. When you work on making life better for the people around you, you will eventually catch yourself laughing more and walking faster.

It just takes a tiny step to get going. Once you make the first move, the rest of it will be easier. Why don't you make a difference as much as you can? All it takes today is just to do one nice thing.

feel good
  1. Send a heartfelt compliment. Some good events seem to go unnoticed. So today, give someone a sincere compliment. This can mean a lot, particularly if it's about something that's dear to the core of the other individual, just like complimenting someone's body if he or she has been taking a strong attempt to stay into shape in the last few months.
  2. Let anyone get into your lane as you're walking. It may relieve a little pressure on his or her day.
  3. Hold the door open for a few more seconds. It doesn't take a lot of effort, but it can put a smile on someone's face.
  4. Express your gratitude for what has been taken for granted too often. We may sometimes take for granted what others do a little too much. Like the food they cook, how they keep doing their job on a consistent basis every day, or how they're there to listen when we need it.
  5. Share some of your tasty homemade food with the people. Strangers or known individuals, it will go a long way.
  6. Give a piece of your hobby away. Kind of like a necklace or a painting, for starters, you made it.
  7. Share some of the harvests of your fall: many sauces, canned veggies, or dried tasty mushrooms or berries.
  8. Motivate. At times, the world can be a difficult and depressing environment. So encourage someone who's in a negative situation right now. Add your own perhaps more grounded and optimistic perspective to the situation to lessen your fears and perhaps your exaggerated fears.
  9. Tell a good or a terrible joke. Perhaps a funny anecdote about what happened to you last week.
  10. Share something funny that you've found online. Play one of your favorite clips from a stand-up showthat you love if you're out of jokes and good stories right now.
feel good
  1. Post a Spotify-playlist with the most motivational and uplifting songs you learn. Give it to a relative who wants it right now. Or discuss it with relatives, acquaintances, or social media co-workers.
  2. Give a compliment to a stranger. Few items will brighten up a day like receiving a caring and thoughtful compliment from somebody you've gone by or just met. So take a couple of seconds and send it to somebody you met today to tell her how good her clothes, hat or hairstyle looks. Or tell him that he was wearing that cool t-shirt or umbrella.
  3. Aid with realistic suggestions. If a buddy wants some guidance, ask someone you know who's been in the position for support. Or do some web analysis to figure out what she may be searching for.
  4. Pick a few flowers. This just takes a matter of minutes, but the happiness persists for days.
  5. Give a kiss or a hug. It is exhausting and can interrupt suicidal feelings and shift someone's attitude quite easily. Using, though, as applicable.
  6. Cook their best meal because they've had a rough day. I know from my own experience that they will help cheer me up on those days.
  7. Get their favorite meal to cook when you want a quicker choice than preparing a meal while they're getting a failing day. A twist of this concept is to have only a little slice of their favorite candy or some other treat.
  8. Carry something good and get a coffee break at work. Perhaps some delicious berries, including clementines. Or some fun, very tasty tea. Or maybe a little something from the local bakery. This can be a great cheer, particularly during this sometimes dark and cold season of the year.
  9. Smile, No matter if you just spend 30 seconds chatting to the cashier in the store checkout line.
  10. Run an errand or help someone out without getting anything in return. It may be a big tension reducer whether he or she is experiencing a hectic day.
  11. Just listen to others. Often it's what you need to get others out of a dark headspace.
  12. Bring a cup of tea or coffee the way a person likes it. It just takes a minute for you to get up and get a hot drink for yourself.
  13. Hide a fake message to find out about him or her. A note of gratitude. Perhaps a complimentary message. Or just a message of appreciation. Place it, for starters, in their teacup, lunch box, or cap.
  14. Start giving positivity. If you bring positivity and open, happy, and good energy to a conversation, for example, then that tends to spread, and both of you or more will have a happy lunch break, a night out at the pub or a coffee date in the crisp autumn sunshine.
feel good


Spreading positivity costs nothing but goes a long way in spreading joy, and relives suicidal thoughts. Let's face it, the world has had enough of depression and suicides, we need to care for our peers, and if you, yourself, are depressed, you'll find that spreading happiness among the people will help you in return too.

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