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Things to Do if Your Relationship
Is on the Edge of Breaking

Relationships are difficult even if you have the best partner in the world. There will be good days and bad days. When the share of bad days overshadows the good ones, one may start wondering about breaking up. But is it always the only and ultimate solution you can have? Break-ups are easy but working on the relationship and doing everything you can to be together if even a morsel of love still exists is the tougher choice. It takes effort from both sides to save a relationship. Here are some tips to all those sensing their relationship is coming to a close.

Talk to each other

Most of the time as the bitterness grows, the communication goes down. But this is the time when communication becomes most important. Set aside your pride and ego and ask each other about their day, health and make efforts to find out their troubles even when they are shutting you off. Address the most volatile and difficult topics in your relationship together- discuss what is going wrong. Both should freely communicate what about the other person is making them consider a break-up. All the while, keep the discussion civil and be open-minded so they feel encouraged to communicate even the worst they think of you.

Take help of professional counsellors

Sharing every complaint, reasons for bitter against each other can be the most difficult thing you do together in a relationship. It takes a great strength of mind and understanding to tell each other their worst and find a middle-ground to sort the issues. This is where a professional counsellor can help you out. They can keep a check on the situation so that the bitterness does not worse as you communicate. They can also give you solutions to the problems and even set you to tasks to work on improving the relationship together. Counsellors are like the extra push your relationship needed to get past the problems.

Surprise each other

Even the most boring person loves surprises when you come up with the right things for them. As a relationship grows old, we tend to forget the efforts and things we put in it during the initial days. We stop going that extra mile to bring a smile on our partner’s face. Often, this is the underlying reason for a relationship to get bitter and eventually lost. So, surprise them now and then like you did before. It need not be extravagant. It can be a bouquet of her favourite flowers you pick up on your way home. Or it can be dish favourite dishes you cook for the day. Or a couple of tickets to the movie or a sudden dinner date.

You don’t need to win every argument

We all make mistakes and not every decision we take can be right. Similarly, every argument you get into with your partner need not be won. Sometimes, it is good to bow down and out of the situation just because the relationship matters more. This is equally important for both the man and woman in the relation. Men, do not patronize your woman with “The wife is always right” and women, do not forget it’s a relationship for both- proving a point is not worth it at the expense of the relation.

Don’t use intimacy as leverage

The moment problems start in a relationship, the first thing to stop is the sex. Sometimes its just out of frustration and sometimes, it is used as a way to get what you want. Do not use sex to manipulate the other person into agreeing with you. If anything, an angry sex session after a fight is probably all you need to keep a relationship healthy.

Saving a relationship is important but understanding when it is a lost cause is even more essential. Do not shy away from professional help and fight for the relation till the magic lasts.

Jolie Andre

Maintaining a relationship is essential for every couple and the tips mentioned above can help you to save yours. However, if it is already on the verge of breaking, I would suggest consulting professionals like family therapy Wheat Ridge Co for counselling on saving your relationship.

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