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Top 10 Divorce Blogs for Moms to Follow

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Are you a young mom who’s about to get divorced from an abuser or a mother of teenagers who have a tough time dealing with their matters and parents’ divorcing? Either way, we know you’d want to read something amusing and inspirational at the time of dissolving your marriage. Regardless of whether it’s failed due to your fault or because of your partner, having positive examples of life after it would cheer you up. Below, you can find the overview of ten divorce blogs for moms to check out and follow.

Turning Lemons Into Wine

The first blog we'd like to introduce to you is Turning Lemons Into Wine, a website of a mother of three teenagers who decided to change her life and get divorced. She was in her forties when she thought it was time to call it quits and start her life all over again. Four years after that, she started a blog where she shared what problems she had to deal with at the time of divorce and after it, and how she overcame them with a positive attitude and humor. If you’re searching for an inspiring story to read, this divorced single mom blog will fit you.

The leader of all divorce blogs for moms is It’s one of the largest blogs with over 6 thousand pages of content and at the same time a community for women where they can meet, talk, share their experiences, and find support during divorce.

Here, you can not only start your own blog and tell your story but also get advice from experienced single mothers, and understand that divorce for moms is not a disaster but a key to happiness and new life.

Special features of this website include podcasts and videos. This is for you to get the information in the form you prefer the most.

I Do, I Did, and I’m Not Done

This blog will tell you everything you wanted to find out about life after the divorce: new relationships, interacting with children, and working as a birth doula. The author of the blog posts a couple of times per month and tells how she got divorced, where she met her new boyfriend, how she was dealing with her own kids and those of her new partner, and the way she could save her ties with her parents-in-law. If any of these questions are relatable to you, check out this blog, and don’t hesitate to provide your feedback.

Divorce Girl Smiling

If you don’t know how to combine filing for divorce in California and staying sane, this blog is for you. Its author Jackie is a woman who managed to get divorced with two children and maintain her positive attitude towards the world throughout it. She didn’t become hopeless or revenge-seeking due to divorce: on the contrary, she used this chance to improve her life and now she helps women like her get out of a pessimistic state of mind while becoming single again. Jackie also provides advice on dating after divorce and building successful relationships with new men. If you feel that you can’t trust them again and are helpless to meet anyone, Jackie will assist you in changing your attitude toward your personal life and living happily ever after.

Lessons from the End of a Marriage

The author of this blog, Lisa Arends talks about her marriage and divorce as things that taught her to review her values and principles. She was lied to by her ex-partner and learned a few lessons out of it, so she does the same thing in her blog: she helps women perceive their failed relationships as mistakes to be solved and remembered rather than forgotten.

Think Financially

This blog is a bit more serious than those listed above as it aims to teach every woman to run her finances on her own. Making the right financial decisions may not be an easy thing, especially for women who have never done any substantial financial operations during their family lives. Therefore, learning to do that while in divorce is crucial to having a responsible life and being able to support your children as a single mother.

This Life in Progress

A blog dedicated entirely to parenting after divorce, ‘This Life in Progress’ was created to help newly divorced men and women continue to fulfill their responsibilities towards their children. Also, it tells stories of people who start new relationships and live in blended families with the kids of their new partners. The blog authors, Kate and Gabe are the parents of six kids who decided to not only share what they learned but also provide a platform for other people to let their voices be heard.

Wealthy, Single, Mommy

Another large and popular blog for divorced mothers is the one started by Emma Johnson. The aim of this blog is to educate women on three spheres of their lives after divorce: parenting, relationships, and money matters. Thus, the blog stories are divided into these three sections that you can check out and get the type of advice you need the most. Forum also accompanies this blog to help you get in touch with other women and learn something from their experiences.

A Moment With Rachael

Who doesn’t love the impressive stories of mothers of many kids? This blog is right about that. ‘A Moment with Rachael’ is an online spot where its author talks about managing her life after divorce with five kids. Here, Rachael shares her trips, job moments, relations with children, and much more to inspire other women to be brave and live the lives they deserve.

Today I Am

The last tiny WordPress blog is called “Today I Am” and it tells a story of a woman who intended to write about dating. But on her first date, she met her husband so she quit blogging. However, five years later she was about to get divorced as her partner appeared to be less perfect than she thought at first. As a single mom of one child and soon-to-be-divorcee, she shares her ups and downs starting each post with the ‘Today I am’ phrase. Consider checking it out and have a nice reading.

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