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Discovering Polyamory: Beyond Sex to Conscious, Loving Relationships

Polyamory is a way of living sexuality that is gradually becoming more and more fashionable. As we can see, more and more people are choosing to change the traditional way of loving and opt for polyamory.

Before going into details, we have to make it clear that polyamory is a term that is slowly becoming fashionable, but it has actually been done throughout human history. Depending on the historical moment we look at, polyamory was seen as good or not. And nowadays we are going through a stage in which we see polyamory as good because we are going through a stage in which there is freedom.

What does polyamory mean?

Although the term is increasingly used, the truth is that many people are still not clear about what polyamory is.

We can define polyamory as a term that refers to when a group of people enjoy an effective, emotional, intimate and sexual relationship with each other. This relationship, in the vast majority of cases, is simultaneous and extends over time like any other relationship. The difference between a traditional couple and a polyamorous one is that in this relationship there are more than two people involved. Of course, in a polyamorous relationship all the parties involved are aware of the people who are present in this type of relationship, i.e. it is not hidden.

Analysing the data, we realise that people over the age of 40 are the ones who view polyamorous relationships the worst. On the other hand, young people between 18 and 40 years old are the ones who see this type of relationship the best. According to the latest data, 25% of young people believe in polyamory, which shows that society is opening up to different love possibilities.

What do polyamorous people think?

To better understand polyamory, it is important to see the point of view of people who practice polyamory. When we put ourselves in their position we realise that they see love in a totally different way than the traditional one.

While it is traditional to see love for one person as something natural, they think that love does not have to be centred on one person, but can be given to different people. As they tell us, thanks to polyamory, love can be shared among different people and as a result the group is happier.

They always defend the same thing, nowadays you can love and cherish one or several people. Loving one person does not mean forgetting about the rest. They also argue that when you love several people at the same time there should be no jealousy. Polyamory is like that, loving several people at the same time without jealousy. This means that it is another way of understanding love relationships in a healthy way. It should not be seen as something negative, but as another option that exists today when it comes to showing love.

The only difference between polyamory and traditional relationships is the number of people involved. If we don't take into account the number of people, we realize that love is still the same. As Casual Escorts luxury escorts in Barcelona inform us, more and more of their clients are choosing polyamory. Thanks to this modality, girls can enjoy their services more because they notice that their clients love them more. This shows that love doesn't have to be for only one person, but it can be for several. However, it is important to make clear that hiring an escort can't be considered as polyamory. That is because the relationship is only temporary, so we can say that it is not really a relationship.

What is polyamory not?

After knowing what polyamory is, we want to make clear a series of aspects through which we can get an idea of what polyamory really is. To achieve this, we are going to show you things that are not polyamory.

  • It is important to be clear that polyamory is not when a man marries several women at the same time or vice versa.
  • When we talk about polyamory, we do not refer to partner swapping either. Partner swapping is totally different from polyamorous relationships. As with escorts, partner swapping is only temporary and involves two people at the same time.
  • Polyamorous relationships do not include open relationships either. That is to say, when a person has a fixed relationship with one person and then with others from time to time, it should not be considered a polyamorous relationship either.
  • It is important to be clear that in a polyamorous relationship the conditions are the same as in a relationship of two. The love and respect for the parties involved must be great. And of course, all parties concerned must know all the people in the polyamorous group.

Given that we have been brought up in a monogamous society, it is normal that a large part of society is against polyamorous relationships. There are few people who are in favour of polyamory and do not practice it, and this is due to the education we have received. Fortunately, this upbringing is slowly changing and this allows us to see other options of love as an alternative. Regardless of the type of relationship chosen, the important thing is to love the person or people who enter into the relationship.

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