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Why a Disability Does Not Have to Be a Handicap When Using Online Dating Sites

Finding a partner with a disability can be more than complicated for many people.

A handicap, i.e. a physical disability, sounds very bad and scary for many people. However, many people do not think about the fact that a slight limp or a hearing impairment is also a physical impairment. It is understandable and logical that people with physical limitations also desire love and security. After all, no one wants to be in solitude for the rest of their lives.

How should people with a handicap deal with this when they are looking for a loving soulmate?

Especially when the search for love takes place online, many people ask themselves this question. Nowadays, there seems to be a plethora of disabled dating sites to choose from. To help you choose from the array of disabled dating sites in the UK, Datinghive has compiled a list of relevant disabled dating platforms that focus on the needs of people with disabilities. These dating agencies usually require a detailed registration, including a self-introduction in the respective profile.

Some only hint at their own handicap, but are not completely open about it. If the other person is interested and you have a detailed online conversation, you can always tell them. We recommend being as open as possible.

disability not handicap

Finding a partner with a disability in the UK : How do you deal with it on the internet?

Before you get involved with an online dating. Make sure to choose the right site. Choicesupport offers a terrific overview of the best dating agencies geared towards adults with disabilities.

Once you have found a service that is tailored towards your needs, be aware that, no one is obliged to upload a topless selfie in a wheelchair as a profile picture. People with disabilities must bear in mind that a less aggressive approach may be to their disadvantage at first. However, when they chat with other handicap-singles, they are more likely to receive no response when using only one photo.

But there is also a decisive advantage. If your chat-partner already knows about the disability from the get go, the person affected can assume that the other person has no problem with it and is still open and curious.

If the person with the physical limitation only informs the other person after weeks or does not write anything at all, instead surprising their counterpart with it on the first date, the risk is high that the counterpart will not know how to deal with this situation and will subsequently refrain from staying in touch.

Therefore, it is more promising to be selective at the beginning and only approach other adults, who are more likely to accept the impairment.

Finding a partner with a disability

When looking for a partner with a disability, it depends on how you see yourself!

Many people react to a person with a disability much more open-mindedly than the person affected would ever have suspected. Especially when they are young, people with an obvious disability often feel that other people are looking at them.

While friends have their first experiences with the opposite sex, this falls by the wayside for those affected. Fortunately, attitudes to people's appearance and character change as they get older.

The younger you are, the more first impressions count, but the older you get, the more often you realise that a relationship with the most beautiful woman or the most attractive man in the world won't work out if your character just doesn't fit.

disability not handicap

Challenges for handicap-singles in the United Kingdom

The problem with dating as a disabled single is that they often tend to reduce themselves to their condition. They fear that once they find out about it, the other person will disappear forever.

In doing so, they forget that they have many personal qualities that make them lovable. Perhaps they are incredibly good listeners, are empathetic and a loving partner.

Adults with certain physical limitations should always remember their positive qualities. Because if you reduce yourself to the bad, your self-confidence sinks and you eventually give up looking for a partner because you believe that you will never find a person who accepts you as you are.

Another important step in the right direction is accepting your disability. This can be a long and difficult road. But if you cannot accept and love yourself with your "flaw", how can anyone else? People who are dissatisfied with themselves and suffer from self-doubt always have difficulties finding a partner, even if they do not have a disability.

Therefore, it is indispensable not to see oneself in a suffering position all one's life. Because this desperate attitude or even bitterness is also felt by people surrounding you, which can make dating a tad more difficult. Instead, focus on your strengths. Your Intellect, the loyalty towards your friends, your ambitious drive. These are traits a future partner desires most - above all superficial things.

Incidentally, you are in no way obliged to solely utilize dating agencies that are exclusively geared towards people with disabilities. On the contrary. Non-disabled folk are not as awfully egocentric and superficial as one might think. Why not give conventional dating apps and websites a shot? Plenty of people in all shapes and sizes have found love this way.

People will love you for your personality

Dating with a disability often shows that you will meet people who care about character. If you talk to other people who also have a disability but are in a relationship, talking to them can give you clarification.

They will confirm that they are now loved due to their amazing personality. And that is what all people long for, isn't it? Be reminded, that numerous people respect you for your strong personality and your willpower, despite dealing with an impairment all your life.

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